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Early treatment ‘can help improve results for those with dental problems’


emergency dentist LondonPeople can avoid visiting an emergency dentist by facing up to orthodontic problems and visiting their dentists for regular check ups and early treatment of any issues, it has been argued.

Professor TP Chaturvedi, senior doctor of the Faculty Of Dental Sciences at Banaras Hindu University, noted almost 30 per cent of all dental problems are preventable and with regular visits to the dentist and daily cleaning, treatments like teeth whitening and clear braces should not be required.

"I have come across families of a number of girls of marriageable age, who have urged for orthodontic treatment as it proved to be a stumbling block in their marriage," he commented.

Prof Chaturvedi added that in cases like this, if early treatment is delayed, the issue becomes a social problem, not simply an orthodontic one.

Elsewhere, the Canadian Dental Association recently launched a new campaign to help protect children’s teeth and to educate about the need for dental hygiene.

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