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American dental pioneer has his sights set on the UK


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American dental pioneer has his sights set on the UKStan Brock, the American dental pioneer has his sights set on the UK. For over thirty years, the ex-cowboy has organised over nine hundred temporary, large-scale clinics to help America’s poorest people receive desperately needed dental care. These clinics also included optician services. Following his huge success, Brock now has a vision of bringing this same set up to the streets of the UK.

He and his team of volunteers are looking to acquire temporary access to several large buildings in London. One in particular that has been mooted is the famous Wembley Stadium. Mr. Brock contacted The Times about his intentions and spoke openly about his motivations. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to equate the healthcare situation in Britain to that here in the United States. Healthcare for millions of Americans is accessible but not affordable. This dilemma reaches deep into the middle class when it comes to dentistry and vision care.”

The good news is that Brock has already secured financial backing for the operation, and many of the volunteers are happy to pay for their own travel costs. However, he could face complications when trying to bring American volunteers into the country. With this in mind, he says he would be happy to try and encourage EU volunteers to get on board with the project. Watch this space!


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