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Michael Turnbull shows off his striking new veneers


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Michael Turnbull shows off his striking new veneersFormer Australian international goalkeeper and now reality television star Michael Turnbull shows off his striking new veneers this week. The celebrity was snapped for a feature in Vogue Dental in Melbourne. There he sported a stylish tuxedo and a new set of dental veneers.

It is said that Turnbull spent around twenty two thousand Australian dollars on the new fixtures. This equates to around twelve and a half thousand British Pounds. Due to his current varied career activities, he decided that he needed a smile makeover. Therefore, what better way to do that than with a set of beautiful veneers.

It has also been rumoured that the thirty seven year old celeb has undergone Botox treatment. However, this is purely speculation as the man himself refused to comment. One of his former co-stars was quoted as saying. “Oh, my God, you look so good, what’s your secret?” Although he refused to comment on this topic, one thing he was happy to shout about was his new veneers!


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Red carpet smile said to be equal to wearing the perfect outfit


During the US award ceremony season, it is tradition that celebrities are scrutinised for how they look and what they are wearing. Red carpet dresses have long since gained attention, whether that is for good or bad reasons. However, in recent years a new ‘must have’ accessory has become essential, straight, and dazzlingly white teeth.

One of Hollywood’s premier cosmetic dentists, Dr Kevin Sands, says he is absolutely pulled out in the award’s season, with celebrities wanting their teeth fixed or whitened. The popular surgeon was quoted in the L.A. Times, “Everyone wants to at least have their teeth whitened before the big event. They’re doing all their Botox and everything else, and the teeth are the most important thing because the smile is the first thing you look at.”

Dr Sands’ list of celebrity clientele is very impressive, with the likes of Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr, and Charlie Sheen attending the popular dentist’s surgery. Earlier on in the year Kim even snapchatted her emergency trip to have a chipped tooth fixed.

The importance of a perfect smile was also evident at the last two Emmy Awards. Bags of freebies were distributed filled with toothpaste for porcelain veneers, free root canal work, rechargeable toothbrushes, and free teeth cleaning.



TOWIE star shows off new porcelain veneers



It is becoming common practice for the reality stars of The Only Way Is Essex to sport gleaming white veneers, and newbie Megan McKenna is not about to be left behind. The 23-year-old is said to have had ‘his and hers’ veneers done with her current boyfriend, fellow TOWIE regular Pete Wicks.

Megan shared a close-up picture of herself on Snapchat, displaying her bright white new teeth, and added the caption ‘I got my teeth done’, she also said ‘I love them!’ and adds that she didn’t mention anything to her online fans before now, but is happy to show her teeth off now the treatment is done. Apparently the treatment was a secret to begin with but fans of the show will be pleased Megan decided to reveal all about her cosmetic work.

It was obvious from the couple’s appearance on TOWIE special The Only Way Is Majorca that aired on Sunday night, but neither of them said anything about going to the dentist before filming the show.


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X-Factor star suffers dental problems


Former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark has been tweeting his fans and followers to let them know how his recent dental treatment has been going; after having some work done on his teeth, it seems that the temporary veneer designed to protect them has fallen out.

When having veneers fitted, it is common practice to fit a temporary resin veneer to protect the teeth while the porcelain veneers are being manufactured – although it is not supposed to come loose before the second appointment is arranged. Rylan even tweeted a picture of the veneer after it came out, with the comment ‘Drama… My temporary teeth have fallen out… NOT a good look.’

He also added ‘I looking like a gummy bear!!!!! #teethdramas!’

It seems that the Essex native is hoping to improve his teeth for his upcoming presenting job with Channel 5; Rylan is replacing former host Emma Willis on Big Brother spin-off Bit On The Side, as she has moved to the main show. Aside from his dental problems, Rylan is feeling positive about the move, saying ‘I have followed the show since the very beginning. It was a dream come true to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, let alone win it. Being offered the job to present Big Brother’s Bit On The Side was amazing.’

Should Oscar winner get dental treatment?


Most Hollywood actors are only too happy to take advantage of the star treatment when they finally hit the big time, getting everything from porcelain veneers to facelifts, but recent Oscar winner Jean Dujardin is flying the flag for the natural look and there are those among the Hollywood elite that think he should invest in a set of flawless veneers.

Stylist to the stars, Phillip Bloch, spoke to the Huffington Post and commented that Dujardin had ‘fallen a couple hundred thousand dollars short’ of the glamorous ‘million-dollar’ Hollywood smile, he even went as far as comparing the actors teeth to those of trouble starlet Lindsay Lohan, before she had them cleaned up.

Dentist to the rich and famous Debra Glassman was in agreement, saying that she would ‘definitely recommend in-office whitening, Invisalign to align his teeth, then porcelain veneers.’

But even without perfect pearly whites, the French actor doesn’t seem to be struggling to make a name for himself; he scooped the best actor Oscar for his role in silent film The Artist and was mobbed by press and fans as he landed in Paris following the triumph. The 39-year-old revealed that he enjoyed making the film in America, but said that he would prefer to make ‘talkies’ in his native France, ‘I’m not an American actor.’ He said, ‘I’m a French actor. I’ll continue in France. If I could make another silent movie in America, I’d like to!’

TOWIE’s Arg considers porcelain veneers


The Only Way Is Essex star James ‘Arg’ Argent has recently attended an appointment to see how dental veneers could improve his teeth. The 22-year old is hoping to look and feel better when standing next to girlfriend Lydia, admitting that he sometimes wonders if people are thinking ‘what’s she doing with him?’ when the pair are seen together in public.

During the consultation, Arg decided that he liked the porcelain veneers, but wasn’t keen on the ‘American white’ version, asking if there was a shade in between that and ‘Essex white.’ However, the reality star was shocked to learn that the procedure would cost him between £4,500 and £5,000. The price tag doesn’t seem to have dampened his enthusiasm though, as he later tweeted fans to find out what shade of veneers would suit him best, and asking ‘Who thinks gaps in teeth are sexy?’

TOWIE co-star Mark Wright was dubious about the decision to straighten his smile, when Arg confided with him over a game of football. ‘Don’t do all that stuff just for Lydia,’ he was told, ‘You are who you are, you are a good looking kid. Look in that mirror, at who you are, and say ‘I am Mr Argent.’ Unfortunately, Arg might have complicated things for himself as he confessed he hadn’t been to the dentist in more than ten years, saying he couldn’t remember when his last check-up was.

Tulisa’s toothache from veneers


Producers of the TV talent show X Factor may be in talks to find a temporary replacement for judge Tulisa Contostavlos, as a bout of toothache could see her pull out of this weekends live show.

23-year-old Tulisa has had to cancel several work commitments over the past few weeks due to the pain from her new porcelain veneers. The £12,000 porcelain veneers were fitted during the summer, just after Tulisa was named as the fourth judge on the X Factor panel, but have been causing her agony in the last week or so. According to a source, the N-Dubz star was in too much pain to attend any of her scheduled work appointments, but was determined to power through and take her seat between Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh on Saturday. ‘No dodgy tooth is going to keep here away.’ the source assured The Mirror, ‘She’d never want to miss the important stages – and she wouldn’t sit out an entire weekend of live shows.’

It’s been rumoured that Tulisa is anxious to avoid a behind-the-scenes confrontation by following in Kelly Rowland’s footsteps – the US judge called in sick last weekend, citing a cold and throat infection as her reasons for missing the show. It seems Tulisa is made of sterner stuff, the source added ‘She’ll be there on Saturday if she has to be wheeled out.’

Dental veneers ‘make people look younger’


Dental veneers 'make people look younger'Having dental veneers fitted to teeth can help people appear younger, experts have claimed.

Writing for the Daily Express, Dr Aamer Khan and Lesley Reynolds Khan gave advice on how cosmetic dentistry techniques can help people to combat the signs of aging.

The pair described how porcelain veneers can disguise and brighten the appearance of teeth to give a more youthful glow.

“They [veneers] can change your whole smile and the shape and colour of the teeth as well as cover stains and close gaps,” the professionals explained.

Commenting on the procedure, the dental professionals noted that once veneers have been placed on the teeth they can last for up to 20 years without needing replacing.

Other options recommended included laser contouring – which can alter the gum line – and teeth whitening to transform the colour.

A recent article by Press Distribution noted clear braces could help straighten and realign teeth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19881206-ADNFCR

Dental veneers ‘improve smiles’


Dental veneers 'improve smiles'To improve the appearance of a smile dental veneers are one of the best options available, according to one specialist.

Writing for the Reading Eagle, Dr John Reitz recommends having porcelain dental veneers fitted to the teeth to give an aesthetically pleasing look.

He explained that as people age tooth enamel wears away and this can cause teeth to chip and damage more easily.

There are other alternative treatments such as using composite to fill gaps and restore healthy look, however, veneers are a more permanent and flexible choice, the dentist stated.

Dr Reitz said: “Advances in porcelain technology have developed very thin, strong veneers that can be applied to the teeth, often without removing any tooth structure.”

To complete the overall effect, it was suggested that individuals have their teeth whitened to give a clean and healthy exterior.

Whitening teeth is a great way to freshen up and feel confident for summer, Dr Andrew Ordon recently advised readers of the Desert Sun.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19848623-ADNFCR

Crooked teeth ‘fixed with dental veneers’


One of the best methods for fixing crooked teeth is to have dental veneers fitted, it has been claimed.

KHLS TV reported misaligned teeth often require braces. However, by having dental veneers installed, a person can have much faster results and suffer less pain during and after treatment.

The article noted: "Dentists can often help relieve crowding or crookedness by pulling one or more select teeth. Minor changes can also be accomplished through porcelain veneers and bonding."

Furthermore, it claimed stained or discoloured teeth can also be treated by fitting dental veneers, often resulting in a more natural and discreet look for the patient.

Elsewhere, AZ Dental Care recently noted that dental implants could be the perfect solution for those looking to undergo tooth replacement treatments.

The firm argued the implant can provide a sturdy base for bridges or dental veneers, while also providing support to the jaw bone and stop the gums from shrinking.

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