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Katie Price arranges Botox treatment for women on her new reality show


She might be a fan of Botox treatment but the women on Katie Price’s new reality TV show are not necessarily in agreement; however, the TV presenter didn’t give them much of an option as she arranged for them to have the anti-wrinkle treatment live on air before her new show was filmed.

Ahead of the first episode of Katie Price’s Pony Club, the mother-of-five teams up with four women who also have children that enjoy horse riding and sets up a salon in her Sussex home for them to have Botox injections. The women – Jo, Dionne, Jane, and Louise were initially shocked when the former glamour model suggested they have the treatment done because they were ‘outdoor women’ and may appear ‘weathered’ but three of them took her up on the offer.

Katie, 38, had some work done herself, including eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping, but her friend Jane, who only recently met the Loose Women presenter, turned it down, saying she has never even had a spray tan before. Jane added ‘I am an outdoor girl, I don’t do pampering.’ The other mothers were not surprised and they described Jane as ‘so horsey’ that she will ‘struggle with the glamour side’ more than the other women in the group.


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