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Rylan Clark-Neal describes painful results of overdoing lip fillers


Former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark-Neal has always been a fan of cosmetic treatments and he has had several rounds of fillers injections as well as dental veneers. However, after overdoing it with lip fillers the TV presenter found himself in a painful situation on live television.

The 27-year-old revealed in his autobiography The Life Of Rylan that after having too much filler injected into his lips he ended up with his lips leaking the solution on live television. In the book Rylan explains that he was looking forward to his appearance on ITV’s This Morning with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby but after they chatted and laughed together, the Celebrity Big Brother winner realised that his lips had actually burst open ‘and collagen filler started to dribble out’.

Rylan admitted that he had overdone it with the lip fillers and described the experience as a ‘horror’ before saying that it ‘wasn’t as awful as it could have been’ and the hosts remained professional as the situation unfolded. At first, Rylan tried to say that he had had an accident that had caused the injury but he later admitted the truth and the mishap didn’t stop him from securing a job as the shows presenter, alongside new husband Dan.


Shane Warne ‘is a good advert for teeth whitening’


Would Shane Warne persuade you to have teeth whitening treatment?Former cricketer Shane Warne could be used as an advert for teeth whitening, one of his colleagues has suggested.

The England International has turned to punditry for the Ashes in Australia and Geoff Lawson told Sky Sports News he looks annoyingly good.

"I think Warney is a terrific advocate for hair re-growth, teeth whitening and fast cars and he's making a terrific commentator at the moment," the presenter laughed.

Lawson said he thinks it is unlikely that Warne will return to his playing days, but added that he was a "genius" at his game.

Being on television often seems to encourage male presenters to have teeth whitening treatment.

Back in October 2010, the Daily Mail suggested Phillip Schofield had opted for cosmetic dentistry after getting badly-stained teeth during a weekend wine-tasting trip. 

However, his smile had returned to pearly white by the time he went back to the This Morning sofa the following Monday.

Teeth whitening treatment ‘is better than buying whitening toothpaste’


Teeth whitening done by your dentist may be better than brightening toothpastes.People who regularly buy toothpaste that is supposed to make their teeth brighter may be better off booking themselves in for teeth whitening treatment.

This is the suggestion of an article on, which asked an oral health expert about whether or not the formulas are actually any good.

“In many instances, chemicals in whitening toothpastes can wear down tooth enamel and make them look dull,” the unnamed source commented.

He pointed out that this is because the chemicals in such toothpastes “differ greatly” from those used in proper tooth whitening systems.

Phillip Schofield was recently among the celebrities who appear to have had teeth whitening treatment after his smile was left stained by a wine-tasting trip, the Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, Contact Music suggested that Susan Boyle may need to head back to the dentist’s chair again after she was pictured with teeth that appeared to be discoloured and yellowed.

Holiday leaves Phillip Schofield in need of teeth whitening


Phillip Schofield appears to have had teeth whitening.TV viewers may be used to seeing Phillip Schofield with a perfect smile, but he was in need of teeth whitening after a recent holiday.

The This Morning regular told viewers today (October 5th 2010) that he had recently been on a wine-tasting trip where he sampled more than 100 wines from Bordeaux.

However, while he had great fun and reportedly still sober, Schofield’s teeth came out somewhat worse for wear.

He showed viewers a photograph of himself smiling with his smile looking a funny shade of brown and also posted it on Twitter with the caption: “As expected I look like [TV rag and bone man] Albert Steptoe.”

Despite Schofield’s adventure, his teeth were back to their usual dazzling shade today, presumably after some rather speedy teeth whitening treatment, the Daily Mail reports.

This comes after scientists in Canada discovered last year that red wine could be good for teeth in the long run, because it can help stave off periodontal diseases.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800100068-ADNFCR


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