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Peter Andre talks about plans for ‘baby Botox’


Singer Peter Andre has admitted to readers of his New! magazine column that he is thinking about having anti-aging treatment but has described it as ‘baby Botox’ rather than a complete dose of the anti-wrinkle injection done regularly.

Pete, 43, writes that he likes to have the odd Botox injection but is not afraid of showing signs of aging either. The father-of-three said that he is ‘Botox-free’ at the moment but added that he has been thinking about getting the treatment done again some time this year. However, he insists that ‘it’s good to have wrinkles’ to some degree in order to look natural and youthful at the same time.

Discussing the treatment several years ago he admitted that he was afraid of having Botox because of the needles and said that the injections were the main reason he stopped having the treatment for several years before 2013. He also spoke about the other surgical treatments he had done when he was in his early twenties, describing his ‘strange old nose’ that he ‘absolutely hated’ and had reduced cosmetically 15 years ago to make him feel more confident.


Peter Andre says his wife prefers him to cut down on Botox use


His ex-wife Katie Price is a well-known advocate of cosmetic treatments, and Peter Andre has said that he is in favour of a little work now and then too. In an interview with New! magazine, reality star Andre has admitted that his good looks are not just down to a healthy lifestyle or good genetics; the 42-year-old told the publication that he has dabbled with facial injections in the past, although his new wife is said to prefer her husband’s natural complexion.

The dad-of-three spoke to the magazine about Botox treatment and admitted that his wife Emily, 25, is not a fan of the procedure. He said ‘She’d rather I didn’t [get the injections]’ because she prefers him with a natural appearance.

However, he went on to say that women have the benefit of make-up to rely on if they feel they are not looking their best, but men don’t have this to make them feel better. He said ‘when [men] start getting lines, why not? It’s only ever a small dose.’

Although he does dabble in cosmetic injections, the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! star said that he only has ‘baby Botox’, meaning that he only has a small amount of treatment because he doesn’t like to ‘look extreme’.

Katie Price spotted heading to Botox appointment


Glamour model Katie Price was photographed by The Mirror making her way to a London clinic to get Botox injections, along with baby son Jett Riviera. The TV personality was wrapped up warm as she headed to the Freedomhealthskin clinic in London for the anti-wrinkle treatment; she is well known for her love of cosmetic treatments and make up, this is not the first time she has had facial injections.

As well as her new baby, Katie was accompanied by good friend Louise Glover; the pair did not acknowledge the cameras but the model’s mood seemed to have soured from earlier in the day when she posted a message about her upcoming treatment on social networking site Twitter; she wrote ‘About to have botox with @LeeSkinGuru woooooo.’

The paper reporting the story suggested that Katie was looking for a way to improve her mood after her ex-husband Peter Andre announced his engagement to medical student Emily MacDonagh following the birth of their daughter in January this year. Katie and Peter have two children together and divorced in 2009 after four years of marriage; after the split, Katie married and divorced again, before getting hitched to Kieran Hayler only a couple of months after their first meeting.

Peter Andre talks about how he maintains his appearance


Singer Peter Andre has spoken to the Daily Mail about the cosmetic surgery he has undergone to try and boost his self-esteem and improve his appearance. At the age of 39, Peter is probably most famous for his short-lived marriage to glamour model Katie Price, but he has recently enjoyed something of a career revival, with a new TV show and an upcoming tour of the UK to look forward to.

The father-of-two spoke about a rhinoplasty he had carried out several years ago after getting teased for a hook in his nose when he was a child. He also mentioned that he undergoes Botox treatment regularly to keep his complexion smooth and youthful – although he didn’t seem too worried about developing wrinkles, saying ‘I’ve had Botox annually, just to stop those lines getting too deep. But hey, I’m proud to have a few lines.’

Peter also added that he keeps looking and feeling young by dancing and working out; he mentioned his diet too, saying that he loves Italian cuisine and enjoys lots of bruschetta and garlic bread as part of a healthy eating regime. Remaining positive about aging, Peter added that he feels more like he is about to turn 30, rather than 40, commenting that he is ‘not as obsessed’ with working out as he used to be years ago.

Peter Andre is sorting out a few wrinkles as he prepares for life at forty.


Regular Botox injections and dancing sessions are combining to make the 39-year-old Australian popular music artist and reality star look and feel ten years younger.

The injections help to relax the contracted muscles in the face that cause lines and wrinkles and he has them annually to combat the signs of ageing. He says he is proud to have a few lines, but has the Botox treatment to prevent them getting too deep and noticeable.

Peter, who has two hit singles, Mysterious Girl and Flava, to his credit, also gets a kick out of Kung Fu, which he has been doing since he was 14, when he was being bullied, and that helps keep him fit.

The London-born celebrity – his parents emigrated when he was very young – also revealed that he has had a rhinoplasty operation to remove a ‘little hook’ in his nose that he disliked. He was often teased about it at school and a few years ago decided to do something about it.

The fact that he loves Italian cuisine and therefore eats a lot of bruschetta and garlic bread works against his fitness regime, and he confesses to not being as obsessed with working out as he used to be.

He is lucky in that his girl friend, Emily, is a medical student and her father and mother are both doctors, so he has all the advice and help he needs if he has any health concerns.

However, he still worries, amongst other things, about the possibility of being struck down by a serious illness, especially as he had meningitis five years ago, which really scared him, so it was inevitable that the frown lines should start to develop.

Now, thanks mainly to Botox, anyone looking at him would think he was approaching 30 rather than 40.

Peter Andre ‘may opt for Botox treatment again’


Peter Andre 'may opt for Botox treatment again'TV personality Peter Andre has revealed he is contemplating retrying Botox injections to prevent the development of wrinkles.

According to Now magazine, the Mysterious Girl singer has considered the treatment in a bid to reduce the appearance of signs of ageing.

"I'm thinking of Botox again. I haven't had it done for two years and I can't decide whether I like my lines or not," he revealed.

The father-of-two also claimed his disciplined exercise regime is partly responsible for his healthy physique and youthful look.

Following his split from former glamour model Katie Price, the singer has previously claimed he would be willing to allow his children to receive cosmetic surgery when they are older.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Andre revealed he would not stand in the way of Princess and Junior if they wanted to make improvements to features that had caused a reduction to their self confidence.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800603190-ADNFCR

Katie Price: Lots of celebrities have Botox


Price admits to having BotoxKatie Price has stated that a number of famous people continue to have Botox, despite denying it to the public.

Price – AKA Jordan – appeared on ITV’s This Morning and claimed while some stars may try to cover up having the procedure, lots still have it done.

“It’s so obvious what celebrities have had it these days and they’re like: ‘Oh no, I’m natural’,” she explained. “It’s absolute rubbish.”

The 32-year-old was quick to admit her own habit of having treatments, saying one of its lasting appeals is the fact that it is not a permanent change.

According to the star, who recently wed mixed martial arts fighter Alex Reid and was formerly married to singer Peter Andre, she even had Botox when out on her hen party with friends and family.

However, the model was quick to deny allegations that she was addicted to having work done, noting “the odd jab of Botox” is something of which all people in the limelight are guilty.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19909837-ADNFCR

Cindy Crawford admits using botox


Cindy Crawford admits using botoxSupermodel Cindy Crawford has admitted sampling botox treatments in order to help delay the signs of aging.

The mother-of-two described in an interview with Ladies Home Journal how she has become relaxed about the idea of using cosmetic procedures to keep a youthful appearance.

Despite having the chemical injections, the star claimed she found the thought of receiving more invasive treatments frightening.

“I’ve tried Botox but it scares me. Plastic surgery is really scary, but as long as you don’t use these things to change your face I think its okay,” the former catwalk beauty said.

The 44-year-old explained how she previously planned to grow old gracefully and let her face age naturally, but as she became older the procedure seemed increasingly appealing.

Australian singer Peter Andre recently commented that he would consider having the cosmetic therapy in the future to mask any fine lines that may appear.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19881231-ADNFCR

Has Kate Gosselin had botox?


Has Kate Gosselin had botox?Reality television star Kate Gosselin has reportedly been spotted looking considerably different, sparking rumours she has had botox.

The mother of sextuplets and twins was seen sporting a tighter facial appearance while shopping, which sparked the gossip, according to the Daily Mail.

Gosselin first found fame after starring in the hit US show Jon and Kate plus Eight in which a television crew followed her and husband Jon as they juggled raising the large brood.

The couple split last year and since then the 35-year-old has transformed her look, slimming down after appearing on the American version of Dancing With The Stars.

Having previously had a tummy tuck in 2007, the publication claimed, Gosselin may have now had the cosmetic injections as her eyebrows were more arched and her forehead seemed smooth.

Katie Price’s ex-husband Peter Andre recently revealed he would consider having the anti-aging injections in the future to disguise his wrinkles.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19857187-ADNFCR

Peter Andre: I may have botox


Peter Andre: I may have botoxAustralian singer Peter Andre has spoken about how he may have botox in the future to disguise his wrinkles.

Talking to the Daily Star Sunday, the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! competitor said he isn’t against having the cosmetic treatment.

Despite admitting he has reservations over what happens if people have the procedure and then stop, the star said he would not rule out using it in the future.

His comments came after he watched an episode of his new reality show Peter Andre: The Next Chapter and noticed his wrinkles were far more prominent.

The father-of-two explained that after seeing the programme he asked family and friends whether he should get Botox, adding “I have always considered it”.

Andre’s ex-wife Katie Price, who is set to wed cage fighter Alex Reid this summer, also appears to support the anti-wrinkle therapy after recently taking 15 of her friends to a botox clinic in Milton Keynes for her hen do.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19839954-ADNFCR

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