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New treatment to help gum disease sufferers


Gum disease sufferers could soon have a new treatment carried out to help restore their gums.

A breakthrough treatment is under development that could help sufferers of periodontal disease. gum disease treatment

Research carried out by Professor Saso Ivanovski at Brisbane’s Griffith University has shown that harvested cells surrounding from ligaments around the teeth of sufferers can be used to regenerate lost tissue, ABC News reported.

Professor Ivanovski said: “It’s really addressing the after-effects of the disease rather than the treatment as such – so in effect, you are reversing the effects of the disease.”

He noted that one in ten sufferers of gum disease end up losing teeth and this treatment could be one way of addressing this statistic.

Elsewhere, dental surgeons in the US are pioneering a treatment which entails a small laser being used to kill bacteria in the mouth, while stimulating recovery in healthy tissue in order to tackle gum disease.

Periodontist Dr Robert Yu claimed the surgery is relatively straightforward and the treatment can help dramatically reduce the impact of gum disease on an individual’s health.

Regular visits ‘cut down dentist costs’


People could cut down the costs of trips to the dentist by having regular check-ups, it has been claimed.

Local paper the Star reported individuals could avoid costly emergency dentist treatments by ensuring they maintain good oral health and part of this process is seeing a dentist on a regular basis.

The article stated: "Scaling and polishing is cheaper when there are less stains and calculus and treatment is done in a shorter time."

It added that people should schedule an appointment at least once a year and although the majority of people do not see a dentist unless they have a problem, waiting until treatment is necessary could be the wrong way to keep costs down.

Elsewhere, the International Diabetes Foundation recently stated a link between the development of periodontal disease and diabetes has been discovered.

The foundation noted there are approximately 246 million people who suffer from diabetes in the world.

Dental health ‘important for diabetics’


Individuals who suffer from diabetes have been advised of the need to maintain good oral health.

The International Diabetes Foundation noted a link between the development of periodontal disease and diabetes has been discovered. Therefore, it is imperative that those who already have the disease take their oral health seriously.

"Everyone should maintain healthy teeth and gums to avoid periodontal disease, but people with diabetes should pay extra attention," commented Dr Samuel Low of the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

The foundation noted there are approximately 246 million people who suffer from diabetes in the world.

Elsewhere, the American Dental Association recently noted that people aiming to keep their mouth in the best of health should ensure they brush their teeth and floss regularly, while teeth whitening kits can help to remove stains and make a person’s smile more dazzling.

However, the organisation noted that in cases where a person has an underlying dental health problem, it is always best to seek the advice of professionals before carrying out any home treatments.

How to keep your teeth for life


emergency dentistBrits have been advised about the oral health regimes they should take up to help them keep their teeth in perfect health for their whole lives.

Daily gentle brushing with a soft-bristled tooth brush could help people avoid trips to the emergency dentists, according to Dahlia McDaniel, a dental health expert.

In addition, he advised flossing and regular trips to the dentist for check-ups, as failing to take good care of teeth can lead to a person developing cavities, periodontal disease or gingivitis.

He noted: "The dentist views stagnated areas better than we can and removes calculus (tartar), which we cannot do effectively at home."

Elsewhere, the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) recently gave its backing to plans to implement a ban on cigarette machines across the UK.

The organisation noted that by taking these machines out of public areas, the government is sending a strong message about oral health and the BDHF hopes the move will help to reduce mouth cancer rates across the country.

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