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People advised on smile enhancement


Brits could improve their smile with regular brushing.

People around the world have been advised of ways to enhance their smile.

Ariane Poole, celebrity makeup artist and spokesperson for Pearl Drops, said attaining the perfect smile can be one of the best ways to make a person appear youthful and attractive and applying a lip gloss and maintaining a regular oral health routine can be some of the best ways to achieve this.

She commented: “If your teeth are yellowed from coffee, tea, red wine – that kind of thing it’s not a very attractive look. If they are white, not overly white … it gives that overall impression of being gorgeous and sexy and beautiful.”

According to a recent article in the Telegraph, a study of American baseball players revealed that those who had the deepest laughter lines and the widest smiles lived on average seven years longer than their glum counterparts.

Indeed, the study also found that those with a fake smile did not see the benefits of these advanced years.

True cost of dental tourism exposed


Brits have been warned of the true cost of heading abroad for treatments.

Britons have started taking holidays abroad to have emergency dentistry treatments carried out at knock-down prices. However, many fail to factor in the true cost of these procedures, it has been claimed. dental implants

Many people fail to recognise the initial outlay for the treatment itself is not the only cost when heading abroad for treatment, meaning that in many cases it can be cheaper to stay in the UK, according to research carried out by dental implant clinic Dentale.

Dentale’s Jason Buglass warned: “In the case of dental implants, you need to make a number of follow-up visits and if your dentist is in another country, this can not only be very time consuming but also costly.”

Elsewhere, Brits looking to get a whiter smile fast have been advised to sample a new product from Pearl Drops.

The Pearl Drops Instant White Ultra treatment is a gel which creates temporary dental veneers to make a person’s smile appear brighter for a short time.

Temporary dental veneers available


A new temporary treatment for pearly whites has been released.

Pearl Drops has announced Brits looking to have a dazzling smile this Christmas should invest in one of its products which gives them temporary dental veneers. temporary dental veneers

The Pearl Drops Instant White Ultra treatment is a gel that is applied to the teeth and provides a short-term sparkle to a person’s smile. It can be easily reapplied throughout a party.

“It’s the ideal secret weapon to keep in your clutch bag at all parties for Christmas and beyond. Simply brush on the liquid temporary veneer to get a dazzling smile to rival Cheryl Cole’s in seconds.” the company stated.

Elsewhere, Dr Jan Linhart of New York recently announced he has developed a new teeth whitening treatment that could help patient’s improve the colour of their teeth by up to ten shades in a single sitting.

He noted his new PearlinBrite system has so far had an almost 100 per cent success rate.

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