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True Blood actress undergoes dental surgery


Evan Rachel Wood is probably better known for her turbulent three year relationship with shock rocker Marilyn Manson than her acting, but being in the public eye for whatever reason means the 24-year-old still has to keep her smile in tip-top condition. Six months on from losing her tooth after taking an elbow to the face in a Paris nightclub, Evan has been back to the dentist to get the damage fixed.

‘It was just past midnight and I was dancing with my friends in Paris,’ The actress told People magazine shortly after the incident, ‘and just boom, I caught an elbow right in the left side of my face. I knew right away when I closed my mouth that something was really wrong.’ She joked that she looked like a character from The Hangover, and tried to laugh it off ‘but the person that did it was crying because they felt so bad.’ She later added that the night was a memorable one, saying ‘I’ll never forget my 24th birthday when my tooth got punched out.’

After having the tooth replaced temporarily, Evan has undergone more invasive treatment to deal with the problem long-term. The True Blood star tweeted her followers online to let them know about the upcoming surgery and to ask for their support; ‘Getting ready for some serious dental surgery.’ she posted, ‘Finishing the work on my teeth once and for all. Send good vibes everyone!’

Should Oscar winner get dental treatment?


Most Hollywood actors are only too happy to take advantage of the star treatment when they finally hit the big time, getting everything from porcelain veneers to facelifts, but recent Oscar winner Jean Dujardin is flying the flag for the natural look and there are those among the Hollywood elite that think he should invest in a set of flawless veneers.

Stylist to the stars, Phillip Bloch, spoke to the Huffington Post and commented that Dujardin had ‘fallen a couple hundred thousand dollars short’ of the glamorous ‘million-dollar’ Hollywood smile, he even went as far as comparing the actors teeth to those of trouble starlet Lindsay Lohan, before she had them cleaned up.

Dentist to the rich and famous Debra Glassman was in agreement, saying that she would ‘definitely recommend in-office whitening, Invisalign to align his teeth, then porcelain veneers.’

But even without perfect pearly whites, the French actor doesn’t seem to be struggling to make a name for himself; he scooped the best actor Oscar for his role in silent film The Artist and was mobbed by press and fans as he landed in Paris following the triumph. The 39-year-old revealed that he enjoyed making the film in America, but said that he would prefer to make ‘talkies’ in his native France, ‘I’m not an American actor.’ He said, ‘I’m a French actor. I’ll continue in France. If I could make another silent movie in America, I’d like to!’

Technology ‘could make dentistry less painful’


New imaging technology could make dentistry less painful.

New technology being trialled in the US could soon make the dentist’s office a less stressful environment, it has been claimed.

The Leaf Chronicle reported Clarksvill dentist Dr Bill Wall is using stereolithographic-imaging models to replace the old plaster of paris casts for making bridges and prosthetics and this is a less invasive and more accurate treatment, he claimed.

“This new technology, instead of going through making silicone impressions, makes a digital impression using a camera that makes 20 three-dimensional impressions per second. It’s much more accurate,” Dr Wall told the publication.

Elsewhere, recently reported improvements in technology in the dentist’s office are making the prospect of sitting in the chair less daunting.

It noted that patients are now able to relax while digital camera technology is used to take pictures with ease and these images are then sent via email to a lab where impressions of the mouth can be created and prosthetics made.

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