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Has Sharon Osbourne had too much cosmetic treatment?


After she was spotted at the City of Hope 2015 Spirit of Life Gala a few weeks ago, Sharon Osbourne’s startled expression started to raise a few eyebrows of its own; the Daily Mail was quick to question the music mogul and TV judge as she was spotted alongside her daughter Kelly at the gala and her skin looked suspiciously smooth for a 63-year-old.

Although the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne has made no secret of her love of Botox, Sharon may have overdone it with the anti-aging treatment, as the publication suggested that she may have had too much Botox injected – even asking whether she might have gone under the knife to get rid of the signs of aging. The mother-of-three said several years ago that she was no longer going to have any cosmetic treatment done because she didn’t like the way she looked in some photographs, admitting on US chat show The Talk that she was not going to get any more plastic surgery, saying ‘No more. No more abuse.’

However, it seems that the former X-Factor judge has gone back on her word and has decided to go back to her previous opinion that ‘Botox is one of the best things to be created in plastic surgery’, as stated on her own chat show back in 2006.

Sharon Osbourne suffers dental problems on live TV


Sharon Osbourne has gone through many ups and downs during her time on reality TV and this week the former X-Factor judge suffered dental problems at the live taping of her show The Talk. The 62-year-old wife of singer Ozzy Osbourne ended up pulling out her tooth live on air in front of a shocked audience and co-stars.

Sharon was discussing the topics of the day and she suddenly exclaimed ‘My tooth is falling off!’ Instead of leaving the tooth alone, Sharon decided to see how loose it was by pulling on it, whilst explaining what was happening to her fellow presenters and guests. She added ‘It’s an implant’ that cost her ‘a bl**dy fortune’ and joked that the recording would ‘have to take an emergency tooth break’, while she asked around for some glue to fix her tooth back in the socket. Without a dentist to hand, Sharon resorted to asking ‘what do I do?’ as the tooth repeatedly fell out every time she tried to fit it back in.

For the rest of the taping, Sharon tried to disguise the damage but a large space was difficult to hide on her top row of teeth. During an interview with actress Lisa Kudrow, the reality star was seen covering the space with her finger to try and disguise the tooth loss.

Kelly Osbourne enjoys day off from dental hygiene


She’s famous for passing judgement on her peers in the fashion world, but maybe Kelly Osbourne should take a look at her own attitude towards personal hygiene, before criticising others; the 27-year-old tweeted yesterday that she was enjoying spending the whole day in bed, without bothering to pick up her toothbrush and clean her teeth.

The ‘Fashion Police’ regular spent all day lounging around and wasn’t shy about letting her Twitter followers know what she was up to; ‘I hope everyone is having an amazing lazy Sunday! Love to ALL!’ she tweeted, before adding ‘I have a confession… I have spend [sic] the whole day in bed! I have not even brushed my teeth today and I’m bloody loving it!’, and finishing off with ‘#IloveLazyDays’.

When one of her fans later suggested that she should maybe consider giving her teeth a quick brush, to avoid gum disease and plaque building up, Kelly assured them that she would find the time at some point, saying ‘hahaha I’m going to I promise! [sic]’

It seems that the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne earned a day off as she spend Saturday hard at work, also struggling to find the time to eat in the middle of her busy schedule, as she posted ‘Yaaaaaaay dinner has arrived! I have not eaten all day I was having to [sic] much at work and forgot to eat. I’m starving!’

Super Bowl ad shows what Bieber might look like without Botox


Might the Justin Bieber of the future be tempted to have Botox? Justin Bieber might be having Botox in a few years in order to avoid turning into a character created for a Super Bowl ad.

The sports event took place over the weekend and a host of stars could be seen promoting products during the commercial breaks.

Among them was Bieber, who teamed up with Ozzy Osbourne for Best Buy and sported a false beard and wrinkles to look like an old man.

As the character tried to show Osbourne how to work various gadgets, a clip of young Bieber appeared on the careen and old Bieber remarked that he "looks kinda like a girl".

The Baby singer's fans may have been a little disconcerted to see what he might look like with a few extra wrinkles!

Meanwhile, Dr Francis Papay, chairman of the Cleveland Clinic's Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Institute, recently told the Los Angeles Times that he does not think facial exercises are as effective as Botox in preventing lines and crow's feet


Busy mums ‘could consider teeth whitening’


Teeth whitening could be good option for mumsTeeth whitening has been recommended for mums on the go who are facing a hectic start of term.

With the new academic year beginning, mothers might find they have less time for themselves due to taking their kids to classes and after-school clubs, noted Crest.

However, the oral health company pointed out ladies can still look their best with a few shortcuts.

It suggested mums should apply sunscreen to reduce the chance of wrinkles, go to the hairdressers for a trim to get rid of dead ends and keep makeup minimal with a dab of product on the cheekbones, eyes and lips.

The business also advised busy women to pay a bit of attention to their teeth.

It asked: "Did you know that a whiter smile can make your tan appear to last longer?"

One famous mother who could well be no stranger to cosmetic dentistry is former Spice Girl Mel C, who gave birth to Scarlet Starr earlier this year.

The singer may now have straight pearly whites, but back in 2002, she was voted as having the worst set of gnashers – along with Ozzy Osbourne – in the UK.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19351202-ADNFCR

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