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Fearne Cotton reveals she has had braces fitted with Instagram picture


Many celebrities and people in the public eye might prefer to keep their dental work a secret but some TV stars are only too happy to share their treatment updates with fans and online followers; Fearne Cotton is certainly not shy about the fact that she has started orthodontic treatment and she shared a close-up picture of her teeth on Instagram this week.

The TV presenter posted a photograph of her mouth with braces clearly visible on the bottom teeth, although they looked to be made from clear or ceramic brackets, making them less noticeable than traditional ‘train track’ metal braces. In an effort to transform her teeth, Fearne has started orthodontic treatment and she joked that she was ‘EmBRACE-ing it all’ in the caption for the photograph.

Many of Fearne’s online fans gave her encouragement and support as she revealed her orthodontic work at the age of 34; several of her Instagram followers were also going through the process and were pleased to see someone in the public eye showing off their fixed braces proudly. Although the process can take up to three years, one follower encouraged the mum-of-two to stick with it, saying it would fly by.


Irish dentist says design student is risking his teeth with DIY braces


Amos Dudley has been making headlines for the past week because he decided to carry out his own orthodontic treatment using his college’s 3D printer to make a set of aligners; however, a dentist has been speaking to The Irish News about the reasons this is a very bad idea. Dentist Lucy Stock wrote a piece for the paper about this ‘worrying’ new trend, where people forego a visit to the orthodontist and instead try their own dental work at home using various techniques.

Referring to the many YouTube videos on the topic, Lucy – who works at Gentle Dental Care, in Belfast – warns against these DIY attempts to straighten teeth, saying that the techniques are ‘questionable, at best, and possibly illegal’.

The American Orthodontics Association has reacted to the increase in DIY dentistry by releasing a statement urging ‘anyone considering any type of teeth –straightening procedure to see an orthodontic specialist’ in order to avoid the risks that could come with using unsuitable products to move the teeth. The AAO explained that people might think closing one gap up is easy but this can lead to tooth movement in other places on the jaw, affecting the bite, tooth wear, and possibly causing pain later on.


 Madonna lookalike gets dental treatment to look even more like the superstar



A Madonna lookalike who can charge up to £24000 for an appearance has completed her transformation into the superstar by drilling a space between her front teeth. Chris America has been impersonating the singer for over 33 years and sticks to a strict diet and exercise regime in order to maintain her startling similarity to Madonna.

Chris, who has been married for 14 years and lives in Washington DC, explained that she naturally had a space between her front teeth as a child but that her mother arranged orthodontic treatment to close it up and give her perfect teeth. Talking to MailOnline, the impersonator said that ten years after her orthodontic treatment, she used to put black enamel onto her teeth to create the illusion of a space between the two front teeth, in order to look as much like her idol as possible. However, when she received a call from a dentist who was putting together a book of celebrity smiles she was asked if she would like a gap in her teeth, so she went for it.

Chris told the publication ‘I like Madonna’s tooth gap. It’s very endearing and a staple of her look.’

As well as impersonating the hitmaker, she even managed to meet her long-time manager Guy Oseary and he told her that she really looked like Madonna which she described as ‘a great compliment.’


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