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Teeth brushing technique vital to oral health


Teeth brushing technique vital to oral healthEmergency dentistry treatment could be prevented if individuals ensure their teeth brushing technique is effective in ridding the mouth of bacteria.

Carrying out the task twice a day for at least two minutes is vital in ensuring oral health issues, such as gum disease and tooth decay, do not develop.

This view is echoed by the Times of India, which suggests that brushing teeth in an ineffective manner is a leading cause of cavities and other problems.

Marking the launch of Oral Health Day earlier this week, the newspaper revealed that oral health is among the most neglected issues across the country.

According to Colgate, individuals should begin their teeth brushing routine by cleaning the outer surfaces of their upper teeth, then continue with the lower areas.

The organisation also states that brushes with soft bristles can be more effective for removing plaque and limiting the risk of oral health issues.

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