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Arm & Hammer launch One Direction musical toothbrush


Toothpaste firm Arm & Hammer have introduced a new musical toothbrush playing the tunes of top boy band One Direction, to help fans clean their teeth properly every day. To mark the launch, the company is offering the chance to win tickets to see the band and other merchandise, in association with Church & Dwight co. Fans are being asked to visit the Tooth Tunes website and submit a video of themselves or their children brushing with the ‘Tooth Tunes’ product as part of the Rock with One Direction Sweepstakes.

The tooth brush works by playing one of the bands hits for exactly two minutes, in order to help children and young adults brush their teeth for the right length of time each time they brush. Fans will be able to enjoy either ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ or ‘One Thing’ while they carry out their dental hygiene. This utilises the ‘Music in Your Mouth’ technology which streams sound vibrations through the bristles and into the teeth, allowing the user to hear the music as the brush is functioning. The patented technology delivers high quality music which is transmitted through the jaw bone and into the inner ear, which means the person using the brush can hear it without it being broadcast out loud during the brushing process.

The brushes are available for about £15 from in store and online retailers.

One Direction singer celebrates getting braces removed


Boyband member Niall Horan has been celebrating life without braces after getting them removed this week; he shared some pictures of his teeth before and after and seemed very pleased with the results. The star’s front two teeth were badly crossed over and he has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for several years to straighten them out.

Niall, 19, tweeted before the treatment that he couldn’t wait to get the braces taken off after undergoing orthodontic work beginning in December 2011. The One Direction singer posted his excitement beforehand, saying ‘Morning.! This is it! I’m goin to the dentist! I think this is my last hour with braces! Oh how I’m gona miss them! Naaaaaaat!’ Later, he posted a snap of him with his bandmates as he enjoyed a meal at a Japanese restaurant – eating for the first time without braces.

The singer’s Twitter fans have followed Niall’s progress and even shared their own experiences with orthodontic treatment, as well as congratulating him on the brace removal. One tweeter posted ‘I had my last appointment at the orthodontist too! #straightteeth.’

Niall might be disappointed to know that his recently made wax replica will have to live with the braces permanently though, as the model was created while they were still in place.

Harry Styles tops list of best-looking teeth


Boy-band singer Harry Styles has been singled-out as having the most desired set of teeth in a survey conducted by tooth-whitening company Pearlys. The poll backs up the theory that the One Direction member has contributed to a 500% increase in sales of whitening kits in males between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. Across both genders, Pearlys reported an 18% increase in sales of home whitening products and they believe celebrity smiles are to thank for the new trend.

Founder of Pearlys, Liz Ridley, said that ‘Women are dazzled by Harry’s smile and young men want to have the same effect.’ She also mentioned that over-the-top veneers like those belonging to reality star Chloe Simms and celebrities with stained teeth found themselves at the top of the list for ‘least desirable’ smiles.

Liz added that ‘badly discoloured teeth are a complete turn off. It’s not a surprise a heavy smoker like Jeremy Clarkson came top of the worst list, while those who took part in our survey obviously think Chloe Simms has had too much done to her teeth.’

This is the second poll this week that has featured One Direction; they managed to make the top three of the highest earning reality TV stars, coming in third behind singer Susan Boyle and music mogul Simon Cowell – who launched the group to international stardom. 

Niall Horan looks forward to the perfect smile


Boyband member Niall Horan has millions of teenage fans all over the world who probably already think he is perfect, but that hasn’t stopped the Irish heartthrob from trying to improve his teeth using orthodontic treatment. The eighteen-year-old, who sings with X-Factor stars One Direction, had braces fitted last year to straighten his teeth, but wasn’t too happy at the time because it meant he couldn’t enjoy his Christmas dinner as much and he had to stay away from sweets too – even missing out on One Direction’s back stage treats because of his new dental appliance. ‘I’ve just had a brace on this week’, he told The Sun newspaper back in December ‘so I won’t be eating sweets.’ He also added ‘It’s a bit sore so I can only eat soup.’

Eight months on and Niall has tweeted followers to let them know that his braces should be coming off soon, saying ‘Been to dentist today ! got them tightened up and stuff! He tells me i will be getting braces off in 6 months…teeth moving fast ! Sick.’

However, some fans were less delighted, complaining that braces were one of the things people loved about Niall’s look, telling him he shouldn’t change anything about himself; one follower tweeted in desperation ‘Nooooo @NiallOfficial keep your braces on forever everyone loves them.’ Another was in agreement, saying ‘@NiallOfficial is so adorbs with his braces.’


One Direction tweet fans about teeth whitening


British boyband One Direction are known for their loyal fans on both sides of the Atlantic, and they keep them up-to-date with everything from their tour schedule to their beauty regime, including manicures, pedicures, and teeth whitening. The boys are not shy about posting pictures of their backstage routines either, which have changed dramatically from the early days of video games and play-fighting.

One Direction member Harry Styles poked fun at band mate Zayn Malik by tweeting a picture of him getting his nails done to their two million followers on the social networking site Twitter, adding the tagline ‘Bit of manly pampering…’ Although the eighteen-year-old singer is one to talk, after he was pictured last week wearing a mouth retractor and protective goggles ahead of a whitening procedure mid-way through their tour of North America. It seems the British lads are doing their best to keep up with the Hollywood trend of perfect teeth, and they’re not above tweeting embarrassing pictures of each other to keep their fans up to date with their latest personal grooming treatments.

The band – who were put together by X-Factor mogul Simon Cowell last year – are currently travelling across the US and Canada on a sell-out tour, performing to thousands of fans every night; they have even got fellow X-Factor alumni Olly Murs supporting them. The singer tweeted his appreciation from Toronto, saying ‘@onedirection fans in toronto this evening!! Amazing crowd!! WHAT A BUZZ!!’

One Direction boys pictured having Zoom teeth whitening


One Direction had teeth whitening treatment.It has been revealed that the One Direction boys were treated to Zoom teeth whitening during their time in The X Factor. states that all of the boys – who have an average age of 17 – were taken along to a clinic in order to have their smiles brightened.

The pictures show Liam and Zayn grinning after having the treatment, which takes less than an hour to perform by a professional.

It certainly helped them to look the part on the TV show, even though they ultimately came third to Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson.

However, it is now being widely rumoured that One Direction has been signed up by Simon Cowell's record label Syco, so impressed was he during his time as their mentor.

If this is the case, they are sure to be having more Zoom treatments in the future, as Cowell is known to be a big fan of teeth whitening.


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