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Viewers questioning Olivia Newton-John’s appearance on chat show


She’s back touring in the UK for the first time since 1978, but fans were left wondering what has happened to the delicate facial features of Grease star Olivia Newton-John, who was almost unrecognisable during an interview with Jonathon Ross at the weekend. Although she doesn’t have any wrinkles and looks in great shape for sixty-four, Olivia’s cheeks looked bloated and her facial structure had been altered – suggesting that the singer has perhaps overdone it with anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Although she has always rejected the idea of having facial surgery, Olivia would be hard-pushed to deny that her appearance has change significantly since her hey-day in the hit musical Grease thirty-five years ago. Viewers were quick to voice their opinions on social networking site Twitter, with some expressing dismay that the star had received far too many facial injections to get rid of wrinkles.

One poster commented that Olivia had used ‘Way too much Botox and a few too many surgical procedures!’, whilst another mentioned that she ‘looks ridiculous’. While Botox and dermal fillers can be very effective when used in moderation, they are only a temporary solution to aging skin and are best used in smaller quantities to get a natural-looking result, without making the patient look like they have obviously had some sort of surgery. This means using only a tiny amount of the toxin to smooth out the skin.

Grease star sparks Botox rumours after Loose Women appearance


Australian actress and singer Olivia Newton John appeared on Loose Women today to promote her cookbook LivWise, and viewers couldn’t help but notice that her forehead was suspiciously smooth compared to the wrinkles around her eyes. The star, who appeared in seventies mega-hit musical Grease, still looked younger than her sixty-three years despite the changes in her complexion.

Fans were quick to express their opinions through social networking site Twitter, with one particular tweeter venting their outrage at John’s promotion of a healthy eating regime whilst seemingly turning to facial injections to keep herself looking young; ‘Olivia newton John on loose women ‘I eat well’ #areyouforreal’ the poster questioned, adding that she had ‘blatently had a bucket load of surgery #lies’ Other users were in agreement, with one saying ‘asking Olivia Newton John how she stayed so young is a ridiculous question when she has clearly had Botox! Almost insulting!’

This is not the first time John has been at the centre of cosmetic surgery rumours, at a reunion gala for the Grease cast in 2006 there were already signs of some enhancement, when she appeared with an impossibly smooth forehead for a woman her age. Although most onlookers agreed that the star still had a beautiful complexion and looked very good for her age.

The actress has been doing the rounds on all morning TV shows in the UK, including This Morning and The One Show, as well as treating fans to a book signing.

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