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Kym Marsh is considering Botox before her third wedding


Actress Kym Marsh is said to be ‘thinking about’ getting Botox injections ahead of her wedding to fiancé Dan Hooper next year. The 38-year-old admits that her partner does not think she needs the treatment but is still considering the injections to make her skin look fresh and wrinkle-free on the big day.

In an interview with OK! magazine, the Coronation Street star said that she keeps looking at her face and wondering if it is time to get Botox treatment. Kym said ‘I’m a bit nervous about having anything done, but I’ve got a few weeks off now so I’m going to make some enquiries – I’m thinking about just a tiny amount in my forehead.’ Although she wants to get rid of wrinkles, the actress is still thinking about her career and how she needs to form expressions as part of her day job; she explains ‘Have you seen the faces I pull in Corrie? I frown all the time so I’d still need to be able to move it!’

After being married twice previously, Kym is sure that three times is the charm for her and husband-to-be Dan; she told the magazine that everything is ‘easy’ with her fiancé and their first year together has flown by as it feels like they have known each other ‘forever.’ Speaking about her bridegroom, Kym says ‘we’re really comfy with each other and I’m lucky to be with my best friend.’

Kerry Katona denies DIY Botox treatment


ITV reality star Kerry Katona has never been one to hold back when it comes to personal information, she’s known for laying everything on the table for the entertainment of the public. In the past, Kerry has admitted to using dermal fillers and spoken about her desire for a boob job, among other cosmetic enhancements, but she’s recently been at the centre of rumours concerning at-home DIY injections.

Botox treatment is very popular with men and women, but surgeons are clear that you should go to a reputable clinic and not rely on cut-price DIY products. In small amounts, the toxin is highly effective, but could be potentially fatal in the hands of the inexperienced or unqualified. Reports earlier this month suggested that the 31-year-old had undergone a series of Botox injections administered by a friend at home. At the time, she made no comment to the public or the media, but she’s spoken to OK! magazine about the gossip.

‘A few weekly mags have also printed that I’ve been using cut-price Botox kits at home!’ She told the magazine, ‘I haven’t had Botox since last January and I certainly haven’t used any DIY kits at home.’ She later added that it was flattering to think that people considered her skin to be smooth and without wrinkles, but that journalists should check their facts before printing inaccurate stories.

Kerry Katona: I’ll need Botox from laughing so much


Will Kerry Katona have Botox? Kerry Katona has said that she has been laughing so much lately that she will need Botox to cope with all the wrinkles.

The Dancing on Ice contestant, who has turned her life around in 12 months after ditching her drug habit and splitting from husband Mark Croft, told the Sun she is having a great time on the game show.

Posing for publicity shots in her skating costume, the 30-year-old said she is loving being able to try out something new with screen partner Daniel Whiston.

"I'll need Botox after this from all the laughter wrinkles," Katona commented.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she promised she will never again let herself get "that manipulated and that controlled" as she was with Croft.

Last month, pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow getting a star on the Hollywood Boulevard led to speculation that she had had Botox treatment, as she looked wrinkle-free on her eyes and forehead.

Has Karen Brady had dental veneers?


Has Karen Brady had dental veneers put in?Speculation has been rife on Twitter that The Apprentice’s Karen Brady has had dental veneers fitted.

The former football manager collected an honorary degree at the University of Birmingham this week, but members of the social networking site were more interested in whether or not she had opted for cosmetic dentistry after seeing her on spin-off show You’re Fired.

Indeed, her smile did look very bright, prompting Anderson_james to tweet: “Does Karen Brady on The Apprentice have a new set of teeth?!,” the Birmingham Mail reports.

However, Rickboylamb suggested she may have opted for a shade or two too light, remarking: “They have partially blinded me.”

Earlier this month, Katie Price had a similar effect on the photographers waiting for her at LAX Airport, OK! magazine reported.

Her dental veneers seemed to have been whitened just a little too much, startling onlookers with their shine, especially against her black coat.

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Katie Price lands in LA after dazzling teeth whitening treatment


Katie Price has had teeth whitening treatment.Anyone who may be concerned that teeth whitening treatment might not be effective should study OK! magazine's newest pictures of Katie Price.

The model was spotted at LAX Airport – where she had travelled to get her hair extensions redone – with a smile so dazzlingly bright it contrasted sharply with her black furry hat and coat.

"[Her teeth] seem to be getting whiter and whiter (either that, or Katie's tan is getting darker)," the publication speculated.

Price is believed to have had dental veneers fitted in 2008. She is also known to be a big fan of Botox.

According to the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide, it is a good idea to have a chat with a professional before having teeth whitening treatment in order to discuss what shade they will turn out.

Laser teeth whitening could turn teeth up to ten shades lighter and people with more stained smiles tend to see more dramatic results.

Teeth whitening ‘is usually effective because of hydrogen peroxide’


Teeth whitening is usually effective due to a particular chemical, an expert has said.The process of teeth whitening is usually effective because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide within the formulas used.

This according to Dr Thomas P Connelly, a cosmetic dentist who told the Huffington Post that the bleaching agent can "absolutely" help when it comes to brightening smiles.

He explained that professionals who use them will carry out a test on patients first to make sure they are not intolerant of hydrogen peroxide, in the same way a hairdresser would do a strand test on hair before colouring it.

"If you experience no side effects, then using hydrogen peroxide (in moderation) to help whiten teeth is probably OK," Dr Connelly commented.

The expert added that as hydrogen peroxide uses its effectiveness when stored, it is a good idea to visit a professional when having teeth whitened rather than a practice where the substance has been sitting on a shelf for two years.

Earlier this month, New York-based orthodontist Dr Jacqueline Fulop Goodling told that professional teeth whitening treatments are regulated and safe, as well as being more high-quality than DIY kits.

Kimberley Walsh: West’s diamond dental implants look ridiculous


Kanye West's diamond dental implants look silly, according to Kimberley Walsh. Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh has slammed Kanye West's decision to have his bottom teeth replaced with diamond dental implants.

Writing in her regular column for OK! magazine, the performer-turned-makeup designer said the teeth look "over the top and ridiculous", suggesting he may have more money than he knows what to do with.

"Teeth are so important and I think it looks off-putting," she added.

Walsh also said she would take to using a gum shield if she was him in order to avoid having the dental implants stolen.

West revealed his new look recently on the US chat show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Last month, an unnamed dentist from California told the Los Angeles Times that West's choice of dental implants may cause him problems with his jaw in a few years.

He also warned the rapper will see his upper teeth wear down much faster than usual.


Hilary Duff: I needed cosmetic dentistry on my wedding day


Cosmetic dentistry mended Hilary Duff's tooth before her wedding. Actress Hilary Duff has revealed she had to have cosmetic dentistry on her wedding day because she managed to chip a tooth before the ceremony.

The Lizzie McGuire star, 22, married ice hockey player Mike Comrie on Saturday (August 14th 2010), but one of her veneers broke hours before she was due to walk down the aisle.

“My wedding planner snuck me out to the dentist! Thank goodness it was fixed,” she told OK! magazine.

Duff was understandably pleased to have tracked down someone to perform cosmetic dentistry so quickly, as she may otherwise have been forced to digitally enhance her wedding photos!

Earlier this month, dentist Dr Philip Friel told the Scottish Daily Record simple cosmetic dentistry can quickly and easily fix chipped teeth, whether they are real or veneers.

He said an accident of this kind need not be the end of the world thanks to today’s techniques.

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