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Tooth loss ‘a greater stigma’


dental implantDental implants could potentially be the solution to the embarrassment of losing teeth, it has been suggested.

Kevin Ekene, wrote in to the Nigerian Guardian concerning the potential for emotional disturbances that can be associated with tooth loss.

He said cosmetic dentistry can play an important role in a person’s state of mind, since those who undergo surgery can be left "with more psychological trauma and embarrassment than the pain that sent them to the dental clinic in the first place".

Mr Ekene advocated the use of treatment that will replace the natural tissue that has been lost, which can perform both functional and aesthetic roles.

He concluded by saying that provision for such treatment should be integrated into broader health care solutions in the country.

According to a study by Align Technology, some 46 per cent of people feel embarrassed about their teeth.

Furthermore, 60 per cent of respondents said they thought straight, even teeth make for a great smile.

Dental implants ‘offer tooth loss solution’


dental implantDental implants could be a solution for people suffering from tooth loss, according to a new report.

This form of cosmetic dentistry was highlighted in the study Dental Implants Market: Increasing Familiarity to Drive Growth.

According to the research, the market for people having dental implants will double by 2015.

It pointed out that the procedure is usually used to counter tooth loss and involves the use of prosthetic teeth.

Unlike other options that could be employed, dental implants offer a more permanent solution, according to the report.

The authors stated: "Although there are a number of other restorative options for missing teeth like bridges and dentures, none have proven to be as functionally effective and durable as implants."

Furthermore, they can be used to offer structural support to single crowns and bridges. They can also be used with dentures – something that can add stability and reduce irritation to the gums.

In related news, it was suggested in a letter published in the Nigerian Guardian that loosing teeth can cause embarrassment and psychological trauma.

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