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Possibilities are endless for cosmetic dentistry, says expert


Possibilities are endless for cosmetic dentistry, says expertPeople contemplating cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers or teeth whitening procedures could receive encouragement from an expert's comments.

Dr Pravesh Solanki from revealed that the appearance-boosting treatments could provide a number of benefits for prospective patients.

His remarks came after previous research revealed that 90 per cent of people who receive cosmetic dentistry reported an increase to their self-esteem.

In addition, Dr Solanki stated that many individuals have been given the confidence to seek a new job or find a partner as a result of the effective procedures.

"From new teeth and cosmetic dentures, to reshaping the face and mouth, making people look years younger. The possibilities are endless," he added.

Technological advancements in the dental industry have given professionals the chance to remove stains from people's teeth to improve their appearance.

Dr Solanki's comments come after Girls Aloud starlet Nicola Roberts received cosmetic dentistry to resolve personal issues she had over the her smile.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800616149-ADNFCR

Cosmetic dentistry ‘can improve self-esteem’


Cosmetic dentistry 'can improve self-esteem'Individuals who seek cosmetic dentistry in a bid to improve their appearance could notice an improvement in their confidence levels, according to an expert.

Dr Pravesh Solanki from suggested that procedures such as dental veneers and teeth whitening could have a positive effect on a person's self-esteem.

The wide range of treatments offered to image-conscious people could resolve issues such as tooth decay or stained and yellow teeth caused by smoking, he added.

Dr Solanki's advice comes after Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts admitted she had undergone cosmetic dentistry in a bid to resolve insecurities about her smile.

Speaking to BBC Radio One DJ Scott Mills, the stunning redhead revealed she had wanted to improve the appearance of her teeth for a long time before investing in dental veneers.

"[People should] visit informational websites and educate themselves about the options available to them and then visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation to discuss their concerns and options," Dr Solanki added.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800614386-ADNFCR

Girls Aloud star ‘spent £13,000 on cosmetic dentistry’


Girls Aloud star 'spent £13,000 on cosmetic dentistry'Pop star Nicola Roberts has reportedly spent £13,000 on improving her smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

The Girls Aloud singer took advice from bandmate Cheryl Cole and invested in a full set of dental caps after previously being unhappy with her teeth, the Sun reports.

Roberts recently stepped back into the spotlight with the release of her debut solo single Beat of My Drum, which was widely praised by critics.

Her new teeth may help the performer to feel more confident when she hits the promotional trail for her forthcoming solo album Cinderella's Eyes.

According to the newspaper, her bandmates have jokingly nicknamed the 25-year-old "Gnashers" due to her striking pearly whites.

A source told the publication that Roberts "now feels completely comfortable with her teeth".

The insider added: "As the youngest in the band, all the other girls are really happy that she has finally grown into herself."ADNFCR-2621-ID-800607542-ADNFCR

Dental veneers give people a beautiful smile ‘for almost two decades’


Dental veneers give people a beautiful smile 'for almost two decades'Cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers can increase confidence for almost two decades, it has been suggested.

A recent article featured in Dental Health magazine acknowledged a number of benefits surrounding veneers, attributing the confidence boost people who undergo cosmetic procedures receive as one of the main selling points.

Straight, white dental veneers are able to cover chipped or pointy teeth that may cause insecurity, as well as act as a permanent whitening solution to teeth that may have previously been stained or discoloured by smoking, food or drink.

Before placing dental veneers, dentists will remove around half a millimetre of enamel from the tooth in order to ensure the perfect fit.

Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts have sparked the onset of a trend of cosmetic dentistry, with the pages of magazines sprawled with photographs of their Hollywood smiles – and all three have confessed to having veneers. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800478270-ADNFCR

Dental implant study published


Dental implant study publishedNew research considering the dental implant industry has been published recently.

The study, which focuses on the US and other countries, including the London dental implant sector, takes into consideration the role of changing economies on dental practices.

However, it also points out that there have been major developments, including new products and an increase in computer design in this industry, which, according to US doctor Jan Linhart, can help to improve the quality of recipient’s lives.

Furthermore, trained dentists are improving the level of service when it comes to dental implants.

Analysis contained in the study, entitled Implant-Based Dental Reconstruction: World Dental Implant and Bone Graft Market, includes revenue forecasts, implant procedure programmes, reviews of new products and computer-aided practice.

The research may be of some interest to Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, who, according to reports, may soon be in need of dental implants.

Heat World recently published a picture of the pop star with a tooth missing on her bottom jaw.

Girls Aloud star ‘might need dental implant’


Nicola Roberts has a missing tooth, Heat World saidA dental implant might be one the next purchases for Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, if photographs recently published are anything to go by.

Heat World, which is the online version of celebrity magazine Heat, printed a picture of the auburn-haired pop star with her mouth open to reveal a missing tooth on her bottom jaw.

The website joked that while its writers had often lost lipsticks and wallets on a night out, they had never lost a tooth.

"One of her bottom pegs is missing. Perhaps she was hoping we wouldn’t notice her mouth," it added.

Roberts is not the only member of Girls Aloud to be at the centre of speculation regarding her teeth.

Soon after the band achieved fame in 2002, some critics noticed a change in the dental situation of Cheryl Cole.

It was suggested she had worn an invisible brace to straighten out her smile, although some experts put the work down to veneers and tooth whitening.


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