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UK is at the forefront of promising new dental training


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UK is at the forefront of promising new dental trainingThe UK is at the forefront of promising new dental training that is currently underway at Portsmouth University. Their programme has adopted a Virtual Reality platform to help train new dentists to the highest standards. The University, prompted by the NHS turning 70, has invested in research to compare previous methods of dentistry with current ones.

Previously, dental students would have carried their own kit to classes and worked solely on real teeth. However, now the University provides all the equipment they need as well as models, dummies, and the new virtual reality simulators for practical experience.

Portsmouth University’s Head of School, Professor Chris Louca, gave the following statement. “Dentistry has come a long way in the past 70 years. Things move on very quickly and dentistry is now very high tech, and the training itself is much more streamlined, as well as integrated with other health professionals.” The new VR simulators are invaluable for students’ learning and progression. Furthermore, it allows tutors to give instant feedback in context, rather than days or weeks after the event.


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Pensioner gets her smile back after hospital blunder


Latest News

Pensioner gets her smile back after hospital blunderA pensioner gets her smile back after hospital blunder is reported. The eighty eight year old woman was admitted to Colchester General Hospital for an emergency hip operation. When she came out of anaesthesia it became apparent that the hospital staff had lost her dentures.

Unfortunately, these things happen, however, it left the elderly woman without any teeth for months. Jane Read, the pensioner’s daughter wrote to the local Gazette due to her mother being unable to eat or smile properly for over seven months. She was left like this because she was unable to leave the hospital to visit her dentist.

Janet Liao, a dentist at Clacton Dental Care read the story in her local paper. She decided that she wanted to help. Mrs. Liao was concerned that the elderly woman would not be recovering as well due to her not being able to eat properly. Mrs Liao provided the family with a new set of dentures. Mrs. Read was over the moon for the help they received. “Both my mum and I are grateful because had the story not featured in the newspaper, I wouldn’t have got that response. Without the dental clinic’s help, we might have still been in the same position.”


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New dental education center officially opens



Chief dental officer, Sara Hurley, has officially opened the new Plymouth University Exeter Dental Education Facility, which will become one of four specialized training centers in the South West. The center will offer high quality care for NHS patients, and provide aspiring dentists with the opportunity to train and learn in a supported environment.

The new facility, which is managed by the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise, will provide education and training for Plymouth University students, as well as offering post graduate opportunities for professionals to gain further qualifications. The center consists of forty-two dental chairs, more than double the amount of the previous facilities, and boasts a state of the art simulated learning environment with ‘smart dummies.’There is also a dedicated team of employees in place to engage with local communities, providing education and guidance on good dental health.

Exeter MP, Ben Bradshaw, attended the official opening and was quoted on, “The dental school has been a valuable asset for Exeter in recent years and it is wonderful to see it in such a fantastic, brand-new setting.” The previous center was based within Heavitree Hospital, which opened in 2008, and has provided care to around eighteen thousand NHS patients from the Devon and Cornwall areas.


Oasis Dental Care bought out by Bupa


Private health care group, Bupa, has closed an eight hundred and thirty-five-million-pound deal to buy out the popular dentistry chain Oasis Dental Care. Recently there has been massive expansion in Britain’s dental industry, and this deal shows further evidence of this. The cosmetic dentistry market is set to rise even further over the coming years, which is attributed to demand from an aging population. It is estimated that the industry is currently worth around seven billion pounds.

The Oasis Dental Care chain has three hundred and eighty practices and forty-two clinics, making it the second largest dental provider in the UK. The group has close to two thousand dental professionals providing service to around two million people. As well as private dental care, Oasis also take NHS patients, to offer services to a diverse range of people from various locations across the country.

UK managing director for Bupa, David Hynam spoke enthusiastically to The Times newspaper, “There’s strong customer demand for high-quality, value-for-money dental services that are convenient and easy to use. Bupa and Oasis have a shared commitment to putting customers first, and we look forward to working together and welcoming the Oasis team into Bupa.” This deal further cements the agenda of the government to drive forward the importance of good dental health, and shows exciting prospects for the future of the industry as a whole.



Dental firm collaborates in cure for snoring



A Sunderland dental firm are set to launch a brand-new product that they claim can eliminate snoring, and could potentially be the product that many have been waiting for.Snoring has long been an issue for some, with it causing many negative side effects, such as, disturbed sleep, breathing difficulties and potentially serious repercussions on overall health. Not to mention the strain it can put on relationships with loved ones.

A team of professionals from Ashford Orthodontics have collaborated with the global leader in sleep related medicine, Resmed, to develop a revolutionary newproduct. The 3D device, named the Narvall CC, works intra-orally and is custom made, for an individual and unique fit for the person wearing it.

The director of Ashford Orthodontics, Sean Thompson, has said that ninety percent of cases in their trials were successful, and the device could also reduce the symptoms of the condition known as sleep apnoea. The recommended retail price for the device is predicted to be around one thousand pounds, and is estimated to last about three years before it needs replacing. The device will be stocked within dental practices, and there are hopes for the NHS to consider offering the device in the future.




Fresh fears for Danniella Westbrook over apparent septicaemia caused by teeth


Ex EastEnders’ star, Danniella Westbrook, has been pictured earlier this week wearing a bandage around her top lip and nose area. Danniella has had many issues in the past, with her septum eventually collapsing due to chronic cocaine use. The arrival of this bandage has inevitably sparked rumours that the star has turned to drugs again.

In response to the growing speculation, a spokeswoman for the celebrity has made a statement to The Sun newspaper, “Danniella has been in hospital on and off for the last four weeks with septicaemia, caused by her teeth. Steel rods going into her gum have caused an infection and therefore she is wearing a plaster with a sponge in her nose to stop the infection spreading.”

The apparent infection is said to be caused by complications with her dental implants. Dr Ron Daniels, an NHS consultant and founder of The UK Sepsis trust, gave his professional opinion on the matter. He believes that the most appropriate treatment for a dental infection such as this would require drainage in between the lip and gum and would not be visible, but could potentially need a visible dressing. However, he went on to say that the likely cause of this infection could be related to Danniella’s previous cocaine abuse, and the star could possibly be receiving treatment for further nose collapse, as septicaemia and cocaine cause almost identical damage.


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CBT techniques being piloted to help children with dental phobia


A self help guide has been produced to facilitate and support children to face their dental phobias head on. The study, led by the University of Sheffield, hopes to cut down the amount of children feeling anxious about attending their dentist through the use of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques.

Figures show that around a third of young people have a fear of dentistry which, inevitably, can have a knock on effect on children’s dental health and hygiene. The study, funded by The National Institute for Health Research, worked with forty eight children from the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas. Academics from the university found that a significant number of children in their study, around the sixty percent mark, felt much more comfortable with going to the dentist after reading the guide. The guide offers an array of practical activities to help children manage anxiety, such as, rewards, stress balls and writing a letter to their dentist.

Another positive aspect to the study is the potential for saving the NHS money, as fewer children would need hospital visits or sedation for treatment. Dr Zoe Marshman, an academic involved in the study, spoke on the subject, “At the moment, most of these children end up having sedation or being given a general anaesthetic for their dental treatment. This can be a traumatic experience for children and their parents as well as incurring high costs for the NHS.” Further trials involving the self help guide are planned for the future.




MP calls for new laws on cosmetic surgery advertising


North Durham MP, Kevan Jones, has called for new laws to ensure cosmetic surgeries cannot be too pushy with aggressive marketing strategies. The MP likened some cosmetic surgery strategies to being more appropriate for double glazing sales and says that this kind of practice should be banned.

Speaking at the House of Commons,according to the Chronical Live, Mr Jones stated, “We have here a classic example of the market not only failing but being used to exploit people, which is ruining their lives and costing the NHSmillions of pounds a year.” Mr Jones’ agenda is to propose new laws that ensure cosmetic surgery is safer and more considered.

The aimsof these new laws are to guarantee proper training for surgeons, to ensure that patients are fully aware of the associated risks and to provide strict guidelines for the treatments offered. The MP referred to a well-known case where a woman sustained injuries to her eyes following cosmetic surgery. The woman was unable to open her eyes and still needs to use medication daily from the fallout of this, which the NHS are now footing the bill for. Mr Jones also suggested that patients be offered counselling before undergoing any treatment.




Bradford in a state of decay over NHS dentistry


The people of Bradford are struggling to find an NHS dentist, the Telegraph and Argus reports. Some patients have reported resorting to ‘D.I.Y.’ procedures, due to lack of places available at NHS dentists across the city. Others have been forced to attend their local Accident and Emergency department to gain treatment for what should have been routine issues, if addressed in a timely manner.

Statistics show that nearly half of the adult population of Bradford are not registered with an NHS dentist and a third of children are in the same predicament. When asked why people have not registered with a dentist, many have said that they have tried to find a practice that would register them,but to no avail.

An anonymous male from the Bradford Four area (BD4) was quoted in a report by Healthwatch saying it took eight years for a dentist place to become available to him, “I’ve ended up extracting one of my own wisdom teeth, which in this day and age is ludicrous. Dentistry has in effect privatised itself.”Healthwatch manager, Victoria Simmons, revealed that the organisation has ‘major concerns’ about the state of NHS dentistry in Bradford.


Forty percent of children currently not visiting their dentist


Despite official dental health advice, more than 40% of children in England have not visited their dentist in the last year. The figures show that only 57.9% visited an NHS dentist, which is down by over 2% on the previous year.

Professor Nigel Hunt of the Royal College of Surgeons was quoted by The Guardian in response to the appalling figures, “There is nothing to smile about in these woeful statistics. With the average five-year-old now eating their own body weight in sugar each year, it is alarming that 42.1% of children failed to visit an NHS dentist in the last year.”

Experts are hopeful that revenue from the planned ‘sugar drinks tax’, due to take effect in 2018, will be put to good use in an attempt to tackle the growing issue of tooth decay. Dr Sandra White, of PublicHealth England, has also expressed concern over the wider arching effects that tooth decay can have on children. As well as the associated pain and dental treatment, decay can also impact on schooling, overall health and self-confidence.

She, along with other professionals, have implored parents, carers and guardians to limit the number of sugary snacks and drinks children are consuming, and to ensure that regular brushing is taking place.




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