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German company products sweets that could stop tooth decay


Scientists at German research company Organo Balance claim to have created a sweet that is coated in bacteria which could prevent plaque from causing tooth decay. The new ‘cavity-free’ treats are designed to neutralise bad bacteria that causes cavities to form on the surface of the teeth.

Researchers with the company found that they could bind a version of ‘good’ bacteria to the surface of the sweets so that when the product is chewed it will neutralise the streptococcus mutans that are believe to be responsible for tooth decay. The study found that after subjects had eaten the sweet the levels of streptococcus found on the teeth were much lower, suggesting that this product could lead to fewer cavities in people who have a sweet tooth.

New York City dentist Barry Kramer spoke to ABC News about the discovery and expressed his doubts, saying that he doesn’t think ‘a quick fix’ like simply chewing a sweet would actually make a huge about of difference to dental health. He added ‘we dentists say when you put a crown in a mouth it’s like putting a jewel in a sewer – that’s how much bacteria is swimming in your mouth.’

He went on to say that the best way to avoid cavities is still to brush and floss regularly, as fluoride is the only chemical that has successfully prevented cavities at this point. 

Inventor of toothache gel passes away aged 103


The American inventor of a gel designed to treat toothache has passed away aged 103, at his home in Arizona. According to an obituary in the Associated Press, David Morris Kern was born in New York City and studied to be a pharmacist in Brooklyn; he sold pharmaceuticals and later bought a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with his brother. Working with a chemistry professor, Kern put years of research into developing a product that would ease the pain of toothache, which would later be named Orajel.

The inventors son Allen Kern said that his father was ‘really proud’ of Orajel because ‘it was the No 1 product for toothaches for years.’

Orajel is a topical analgesic that contains benzocaine, an ingredient that numbs the tissue in the mouth by blocking nerve signals travelling to the brain – this is designed to relieve toothache and any other pain that might originate around the teeth. There are several different versions available, including Orajel suitable for teething infants who are in pain. Orajel is still on sale at pharmacies all over the country today and further afield, including the UK, even though Kern sold the company in the early sixties.

At his 100th birthday, Kern told his family and friends that the best way to stay young at heart is to remain optimistic and ‘take advantage of every day’. He also noted that he had never eaten green vegetables and drank a martini every single day.

Real Housewife gets her teeth whitened


US reality star Bethenny Frankel might not be smiling much at the moment because of her stressful divorce proceedings, but the 42-year-old is determined to improve her teeth anyway and recently visited the dentist to get her teeth whitened from ‘candy corn’ yellow, to a healthier ‘marshmallow’ shade.

The Real Housewives celebrity posted a video of herself attending treatment at the Lavaan Dental Spa in New York City and was initially sceptical that the clinical procedure would be noticeably more effective than the DIY whitening trays she used at home. Although she was not convinced that the treatment would dramatically alter her teeth, she was still excited about the prospect and chatted with the team members while she waited for dentist Dr Jeffrey Rappaport to carry out the whitening.

Bethenny was decked out in a blue apron, sound-proof headphones and orange goggles, to protect her eyes from the curing light used to activate the bleaching gel. After the treatment was completed, she seemed thrilled with the results and joked that she would be able to come off her ‘white foods only’ diet, thanks to the improvement in her enamel shade. She added that she was so sick of the restriction she had put on herself that she would now ‘never eat white sauce again.’

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