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Antonio Banderas ‘breaks up’ with junk food in new Wrigley’s Extra advert


Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas has filmed a new advert for Wrigley’s Extra sugarfree gum, entitled Break up With Lingering Food; it sees him speaking candidly to a gang of animated food characters to try and get rid of strong food flavours after mealtimes.

The commercial shows the 52-year-old finishing off his meal in a restaurant, then attempting to ‘break up’ with the left overs of a doughnut and a cupcake – the animated characters don’t seem too keen on the Shrek star telling them ‘Look, lunch is over, so this is over.’ The ‘break-up’ is then confirmed as Banderas takes out a packet of the mint-flavoured gum and pops one in his mouth.

After filming was completed, Antonio said ‘Animation is a particular passion of mine, so to be able to play alongside an animated character, as opposed to doing the voice over for one, was something completely new for me.’ He went on to joke that he found it somewhat ‘unnerving’ to work with an animated doughnut who could ‘quite easily steal a scene.’

The company’s UK & Ireland Marketing Director Pamela Bower-Nye, said that they wanted to create a fun campaign for the New Year, saying ‘While we all love to eat and drink, some foods leave a lingering effect on teeth, and can be difficult to get rid of. Antonio brilliantly brings this scenario to life with the help of his Food Gang friends. The intention was to communicate the oral care benefits of chewing Extra gum after eating and drinking in a light-hearted and engaging way.’

X-Factor winner gets dental advice from Happy Monday’s frontman


Riding high on his first ever number one single – a cover of Shontelle hit ‘Impossible’ – James Arthur must be finding friends in all sorts of new places, and getting advice from everyone who can get a word in. Only last week the 23-year-old commented that he would like to get his teeth fixed to gain more confidence as a singer, and now he has a few words of wisdom from notoriously direct Happy Monday’s frontman, Sean Ryder.

Ryder had some dental problems in the past but had his rotten teeth fixed in 2006 after years of drug abuse damaged them. He explained to fellow I’m A Celebrity contestant Britt Eckland in 2010 that his teeth are now worth around £25,000 after the repairs and he is now offering advice to X-Factor winner James – albeit in his trademark stoic fashion. When asked by The Sun if he had been watching the latest series of the talent show, he said ‘I quite like that James Arthur kid. He’s good but he should see my dentist.’

Arranging dental treatment worth £25,000 is a far cry from where James was last year before he decided to enter the singing competition; he was living in a bedsit and could barely afford to eat properly. His latest achievements could see him bringing in the New Year with a much brighter smile on his face.

Wrestling star suffers dental complications


Wrestler-turned-actor Hulk Hogan is bringing in the New Year with a few changes to his public image; he’s shaving his head and removing the iconic moustache in preparation for some new acting opportunities. The 58-year-old is getting ready for some auditions, after only recently recovering from dental complications that left him in agony.

Hulk was undergoing dental implant surgery in October last year, in order to replace some missing teeth and improve his chances of rebuilding his acting career. The wrestler admitted that losing the teeth was his own fault, after neglecting to clean them properly, ‘After many years of not taking care of teeth correctly, I had to finally have surgery,’ he said. Unfortunately, according to the wresting star, his dentist accidentally left a metal tack in his mouth after fitting him for a mould, which developed into a nasty infection that wouldn’t shift for several weeks.

The treatment that followed involved drilling a hole in the side of Hogan’s jaw, in order to remove the infected tissue, then cleaning the area thoroughly. ‘I’m good to go.’ He said today, but added ‘It feels like somebody punched me in the face.’ He also had a few words of advice for his young fans regarding dental care, saying ‘The theme for today is ‘kids, take care of your teeth’, because if you stuff candy in your mouth, you’re going to rot your teeth out.

Women adding Botox to their Christmas wish-lists


This year, it’s not perfume, earrings, or bubble bath that women are putting on their Christmas lists, it’s Botox and tummy tucks, according to the ABC. Cosmetic enhancement procedures are more popular than ever during the holiday season – thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, who recently admitted she had tried the wrinkle-reducing treatment.

Women in the US and the UK are ever more willing to spend money on each other as the New Year approaches, setting aside large amounts to give their friends and family members a boost before they welcome in 2012. It seems that cosmetic surgeons will find themselves increasingly busy over the festive season, as more and more women ask for procedures to make themselves look and feel younger.

One woman even forked out several hundred pounds for Botox injections for her sister, despite the fact she considered it ‘a little crazy’ and didn’t think she even really needed it. Another patient wanted surgery on her crow’s feet and forehead lines, explaining that she would use the filler ‘to soften, but not to freeze.’ And these women are not alone, in the US, the $15,000 ‘mommy makeover’ is becoming the norm among the wealthy inhabitants of Orange County, the procedure includes Botox injections, a tummy tuck, and a breast augmentation.

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