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Research claims that brushing your teeth could help to ward off pancreatic cancer


Pancreatic cancer has been linked to the two types of bacteria that cause gum disease, so looking after your teeth properly could actually help to ward off the deadly disease, according to recent research. A team of US researchers have discovered that people with the gum condition are twice as likely to develop pancreatic cancer within the next ten years.

The results of the study were revealed at the American Association for Cancer Research in New Orleans and the team hope that this means there is an ‘accessible’ way to prevent the disease from developing. Furthermore, it could also help doctors in their efforts to screen for the condition.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of the disease, with on 3% of patients surviving for five years. Because the symptoms of this type of cancer are very hard to spot during the early stage, doctors could diagnose the risk by screening for the bacteria that link the two conditions.

Dr Nigel Carter, CEO of the UK Oral Health Foundation, said that this could be ‘an enormously important shift in diagnosis which could ultimately save thousands of lives a year.’ He added that poor oral health has been linked to many medical conditions and people ‘must remember’ that dental health is not too difficult to maintain.



‘Magic Mike’ star talks about daughters teething


Movie star Channing Tatum recently became a father for the first time when wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum gave birth to their daughter Everly in June; the new dad is now getting used to the trials of parenthood and he excitedly reported the latest developments to US TV host Ellen Degeneres. Tatum, 33, appeared live on the talk show via satellite from New Orleans, where he is filming 22 Jump Street.

The Magic Mike star spoke to the audience live and happily discussed how his daughter has started to grow teeth, saying ‘She just got her first tooth. It’s like a huge thing and its razor sharp. I think she’s going to be cutting me very soon. But it’s as cute as can be.’ Five-month old Everly is enjoying the attention of both parents, even if she is keeping them awake at night with her teething; mum Jenna told E! News that the little one is ‘dancing around all the time and bouncing and moving.’ She also added that her pregnancy went very smoothly, saying ‘[it] was great. I had the best pregnancy – I wasn’t sick, I was happy, my hormones were working for me. Everything was good. It was like, right afterwards you’re getting no sleep… You just have to get past that point and they start interacting with you, and it’s amazing.’

Movie start meets namesake at dental practice in US


Actor Gerard Butler was travelling from Louisiana to New York by motor cycle when he came face-to-face with his name sake at a dental practice in New Orleans; the movie star was taking some time out after completing filming on his latest project Olympus and decided to take the road trip with a friend when he spotted the dental surgery as the pair stopped to take a rest.

Butler and his friend Freddie where in North Carolina when they decided to take a break from the road; they stopped at a 7-eleven – a type of store in the US – and were surprised to see a familiar name on the awning of a nearby building. Butler explains ‘We stopped to get some refreshments and I looked across the road and I’m like ‘Do you see what I see?’ and there was a dentist called Jerry Butler’.

Despite having no dental problems currently, the 43-year-old thought it would be entertaining to speak to the dentist, ‘So me and Freddie go across the road and Freddie knocks on the door and says, ‘Hi, I have an appointment with Jerry Butler…’ and [his assistant] says, ‘Who should I say is calling?’ and I step forwards and say, ‘It’s Gerry Butler.’

The 300 star also joked that it was a moving experience, saying ‘I went in and met Jerry Butler, the dentist, which was actually a big honour for me.’

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