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College student creates his own aligners


DIY dentistry might sound like a terrible idea, particularly in the case of orthodontic treatment, but one American college student has gone to great lengths to treat his misalignments without going to a dentist and spending a lot of money. Amos Dudley, of New Jersey, figured out a way to make his own clear braces using a 3D printer and a mould of his own teeth.

Amos, 24, spent a lot of time researching the process and even purchased professional-grade non-toxic plastic online to make the aligners with. He then made a mould of his teeth and used the facilities at his college, The New Jersey Institute of Technology, to create a set of twelve clear aligners to gradually shift his teeth over sixteen weeks.

The clever student is now on the last aligner and is so far very pleased with the results, as he updates his blog regularly with his progress. Amos had previously had braces in his youth but, like many young adults, did not bother to wear his retainer and found that his teeth became misaligned again as he got older, which led to him devising a way to make his own braces rather than seeking help from an orthodontist. He has no plans to go into orthodontics, but Amos is happy that he can feel confident in his smile again, saying ‘that’s what’s most important.’


‘Tooth fairy’ visits children at the dentist


YouTube channel Fousey Tube has surprised some children visiting the dentist in New Jersey with a visit from the tooth fairy. The video prank filmed youngsters sitting in the dentists chair who are surprised by the entrance of the ‘tooth fairy’ – a lady wearing a green dress and fairy wings, holding a wand.

The video – which currently has more than 1.5 million views – shows the children guessing who the visitor was, with one young girl asking if she is Tinkerbell. The lady replied ‘I’m the tooth fairy’, before the children gasp with excitement and surprise. The fairy tells the children that she is going to perform a magic trick to clean their teeth and make them ‘pearly white’, then she asks the patient to keep her visit a secret from the dentist.  The kids then close their eyes and open their mouths while the fairy casts her magic spell, saying ‘Clean the teeth for me and make them pearly white’ and waving her magic wand.

When the dentist returns to the room he plays along with the trick, asking the patients ‘How did your teeth get so white?’ Not all the patients could keep a secret though, and two out of the three kids told their parents about the tooth fairy the second the dentist left the room, with one girl telling her mother ‘The tooth fairy came inside and then she brushed my teeth with her wand.’

Pop starlet gets wisdom teeth removed


American singer Ariana Grande has been recovering at home after undergoing dental surgery to remove her wisdom teeth yesterday. The 20-year-old tweeted her fans and followers to keep them up to date with her operation and the subsequent recovery.

Initially, the singer posted about her dental problems and was suffering some these wisdom teeth reaaaally [sic] need to go.’ She updated later on to let fans know that she had been in the dentist’s chair to have the problem teeth removed, jokingly saying ‘I just had a bone taken out of my skull how’s ur day.’

Ariana decided to take some time off to allow herself to recover after the surgery, but she still managed to tweet her fans an update asking for their support and online company to distract her from the discomfort. The Nickelodeon actress said; ‘Bed for the next few days for wisdom tooth recovery gonna need some company from my loveees… you make me feel better…’

Hopefully, Ariana will be feeling  better soon as the next date of her tour is set for May 10th in Carson, California, with her 2014 tour concluding on June 29th in New Jersey.

New Jersey woman makes headlines with Botox use at just 24


Most people associate Botox with older people who want to clear up a few wrinkles that have appeared over time, but that doesn’t seem to concern 24-year-old American, Danielle Dansmuir, who has spoken to the Huffington Post about her penchant for facial injections at such a young age. As well as Botox in her forehead, Danielle has had Restylane injected into her lips to reduce the appearance of her gum line when smiling. ‘My family and friends were saying it’s unnecessary,’ the surgical nurse told the online paper, ‘but I think because I’m around it so much, I don’t really think that.’

However, Danielle might want to rethink her anti-aging strategy as she is under the impression that Botox is a preventative treatment that can stop wrinkles appearing at all, when there is actually no concrete evidence to support this. The young nurse thinks that people will realise in a few years’ time that injections can reduce the need for surgery later in life, saying ‘People who got it when they were younger won’t really need a facelift when they’re older. I think it will definitely become a trend.’

Dr Michael Fiorello, of the New York clinic where Danielle receives her injections, commented that there has been no conclusive research to prove the theory of prevention; he explains ‘If you start at a younger age it will weaken the muscle, and it may prevent some wrinkles as you age, but I haven’t seen anything in writing, like a study, that shows that.’

Brides competing with Botox dads


Traditionally it’s the bride who takes all the attention on the big day, but now the fathers are getting in on the action by undergoing Botox treatment in the run up to their daughters nuptials. According to New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr Steven L Davis, the number of fathers requesting cosmetic surgery prior to their children’s wedding has increased dramatically in recent years; ‘Wedding seasons nowadays are like Christmas or a New Years, that’s how crazy it’s become!’

Dr Davis spoke to Fox News about his latest patient; Tom Colucci from East Berlin, New Jersey, who was having filler injections after noticing that he was looking slightly older; ‘I’m starting to see some creases and extra wrinkles that weren’t there before,’ he said, ‘I want to look as good as I did ten years ago for my other daughter’s wedding.’ The father-of-the-bride didn’t want anything too surgical to improve the look of the wrinkles and was pleased when Dr Davis offered an alternative treatment to a facelift, he explained; ‘It’s my baby and I want to do it right, but I don’t need the stretches and the pulls and all that type of appearance.’

As well as having dermal fillers, Mr Colucci  told the programme that he had already lost thirty pounds in preparation for the June wedding, and overall he was happy with the results of the treatment, saying  ‘This is fantastic, the crease is gone. I like the way it looks.’

New Jersey surgeon offering 3D dermal fillers


Plastic surgeon Dr Paul LoVerme has introduced a revolutionary new 3D treatment for people who want to halt the signs of aging using dermal fillers; the Vectra 3D system allows the patient to see a full picture of the outcome and to make adjustments to meet their pre-surgery goals. Dr LoVerme said that the increased demand for such procedures meant surgeons were always looking for new ways to treat their patients successfully; ‘It is the responsibility of the surgeon to establish realistic treatment goals and manage patient expectations. A natural looking result where the patient looks more youthful and refreshed is key.’

Dr LoVerme went on to praise the Vectra 3D technology for giving him a more accurate determination of the amount of filler required; he said ‘Using a series of six specialised camera lenses, strobes, and the most sophisticated software, we can now capture images of facial features and measure specifically how much volume is needed to create the desired result.’

The new system generates a 3D mould of the patients face that gives the surgeon access to the contours of the face that are below the outer layers of skin, which means they can produce an individually tailored result according to the information provided on-screen. The New Jersey surgeon was confident that the technology would become more widely used after practitioners become familiar with it and see that it is highly accurate – 150 surgeons currently use Vectra 3D in the US.

Campaigners call for tighter regulations on Botox in US


Campaigners call for tighter regulations on Botox in USPeople contemplating getting Botox treatment may be interested to hear that US campaigners have called for tighter restrictions regarding the procedure.

Politicians in New Jersey are currently considering proposals to place a minimum legal age on the treatment, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

The new bill would forbid practitioners from providing the injections to people younger than 18 years old, unless it was essential for medical purposes.

Research conducted previously by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that teenagers received more than 12,000 Botox injections in 2009.

A British woman living in San Francisco recently revealed she gave her daughter the injections for cosmetic purposes in order to increase her chances of winning beauty pageants.

Kerry Campbell performed the procedure on eight-year-old Britney, along with waxing her legs to reportedly improve her appearance.

The young girl was recently taken into care by officials from the Child Protection Unit while the case was investigated further.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800551150-ADNFCR

Journalist tries Zoom teeth whitening treatment – with sparkling results


One writer went for full-on brightness when she tried Zoom teeth whitening.  A journalist has spoken about trying Zoom teeth whitening for the first time.

Writing for the Irish Independent, Sinead Van Kampen said she had been encouraged to do so after seeing Hollywood stars flash their pearly white teeth on the red carpet at the Oscars and other award ceremonies.

She said that she was able to sit and relax while watching a DVD as the professional went about doing the whitening, which can result in teeth becoming up to eight shades brighter.

"Althought it's recommended that your new teeth match the whites of your eyes, I went the whole hog and got the full on Simon Cowell," Ms Van Kampen commented, joking that her colleagues needed sunglasses afterwards.

She concluded that Zoom teeth whitening can really give everyone the wow factor, but warned anyone having it to avoid food such as curries in the days afterwards, as they could result in staining.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy, speaking from his practice in New Jersey, recently said that he has seen patients get their confidence and self-esteem back after opting for Zoom teeth whitening, even if they barely smiled at all before.

Zoom teeth whitening ‘can give people their confidence back’


Could Zoom teeth whitening be for you? Opting for Zoom teeth whitening could give people their confidence back, even after many years of suffering with a discoloured smile.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy, speaking from his practice in New Jersey, said the process will deal with just about any kind of staining on the teeth and is popular with adults of all ages.

He pointed out that it can be carried out in just 90 minutes, is simple and also painless for patients.

The dentist said he has seen many people get their self-esteem back after opting for Zoom teeth whitening, even if they barely smiled at all before.

"There is a safe, fast solution to those who want to achieve that sparkling white smile," he added.

Last month, dentist William Carter, speaking to Popular Hobbies, also recommended standard laser whitening, which he said is ideal for busy professionals as it takes such a short time.

It is advisable to seek the counsel of a professional before embarking on any new procedure.

Stress ‘could be behind tooth grinding’


Bruxism may create a need for dental implants.A dentist has agreed that stress could be behind excessive tooth grinding and has suggested ways to prevent it that could avoid a need for emergency dentistry.

Todd Higginbotham, who runs a dental practice in Arizona, told KAIT8 worries about the recession may be leading to more cases of bruxism.

However, he said wearing a night guard on the teeth could avoid them breaking if the problem is especially bad.

As a preventative measure, he also recommended doing exercise to reduce muscle tension and avoiding caffeine late at night to reduce the likelihood of clenching.

Mr Higginbotham said it may be wise to see a dentist if bruxism has already caused damage.

Earlier this month, Dr Sultan Sherzoy from New Jersey said headaches, neck pain and broken teeth are often symptoms of grinding and said dental implants may be needed in extreme cases.

These are false teeth supported by a titanium metal rod inserted into the jawbone which can solve the problem of missing teeth.

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