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Brooke Shields shares scary selfie as she undergoes dental treatment


Brooke Shields has shown her sense of humour to fans and followers of her social networking sites; the actress shared a picture of herself at the dentist wearing a cheek retractor and she grinned, wide-eyed, for the camera. Although her teeth look perfect, Brooke is obviously seen sitting in the dentist’s chair, undergoing what is thought to be a dental exam, and she doesn’t seem to be scared about visiting the dental clinic in New York – or about sharing a picture of herself in a situation that may be slightly unexpected.

The actress can be seen glaring frighteningly at the camera whilst wearing the retraction device and a paper bib around her neck. Her teeth appear to be perfect so it’s hard to imagine that she’s going to need any form of treatment after her dental examination.

Fans were quickly wondering whether the mother-of-two is getting ready for a birthday party, perhaps to celebrate the big 5-0, which is coming up soon. Brooke said that she was ‘so excited’ about her upcoming milestone and she told NBC hosts on the Today show ‘I’m going to be hitting that big, beautiful birthday.’

Reporters suggest that NBC broadcaster developed eye infection due to Botox


During the Sochi Winter Olympics, NBC news reporter Bob Costas appeared on-screen with a nasty case of conjunctivitis, which saw the 61-year-old replaced for six broadcasting days as he recovered from the infection. The New York Post suggested that the veteran reporter may have caught the virus from getting Botox injections to treat facial lines and wrinkles. NBC has flatly denied the rumours that Botox had anything to do with the problem.

The viral condition is an infection of the mucus membrane around the eyelid, which causes the eye to become inflamed; it is most commonly caused by person-to-person contact or contaminated water but could be caused by Botox injections if the treatment was contaminated or the patient suffered an allergic reaction.

Overlooking the presenter’s obvious symptoms, viewers were quick to point out his suspiciously smooth forehead and suggestions were rife that the two were connected somehow. A spokesperson for NBC Sports told the New York Post ‘There is zero truth to this. Zero.’

During the Winter Olympic, Costas told the viewers that he had woken up with his ‘left eye swollen shut and just about as red as the old Soviet flag.’ He talked to reporters after he had recovered, saying ‘The worst three days of it I was primarily in a darkened room.’

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