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One Direction singer celebrates getting braces removed


Boyband member Niall Horan has been celebrating life without braces after getting them removed this week; he shared some pictures of his teeth before and after and seemed very pleased with the results. The star’s front two teeth were badly crossed over and he has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for several years to straighten them out.

Niall, 19, tweeted before the treatment that he couldn’t wait to get the braces taken off after undergoing orthodontic work beginning in December 2011. The One Direction singer posted his excitement beforehand, saying ‘Morning.! This is it! I’m goin to the dentist! I think this is my last hour with braces! Oh how I’m gona miss them! Naaaaaaat!’ Later, he posted a snap of him with his bandmates as he enjoyed a meal at a Japanese restaurant – eating for the first time without braces.

The singer’s Twitter fans have followed Niall’s progress and even shared their own experiences with orthodontic treatment, as well as congratulating him on the brace removal. One tweeter posted ‘I had my last appointment at the orthodontist too! #straightteeth.’

Niall might be disappointed to know that his recently made wax replica will have to live with the braces permanently though, as the model was created while they were still in place.

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