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Chloe Goodman admits she is addicted to lip fillers


Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach star Chloe Goodman recently appeared on the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, and admitted that she is totally addicted to lip fillers. Speaking candidly on the show, the star revealed that she does not want to ‘grow old gracefully’ and cannot ever see a time where she will not have the procedure as she is completely addicted.

Before Chloe first appeared on the MTV show she says she never really thought about her appearance. However, after seeing herself on camera and reading negative comments from viewers, she became increasingly critical of her looks and turned to cosmetic surgery to boost her self-confidence. “I would look at the show and think I could have looked better… I was so addicted to refreshing my Twitter feed it was a joke. I was so interested in how everyone thought I came across and how I looked.”

Before appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, Chloe had fillers in her lips and cheeks and Botox in her face, which caused a backlash of negative comments. Chloe admits that she regretted having so much work done in such close proximity, but also says that the procedures became ‘addictive from the very first injection.’



Geordie Shore’s Nathan decides to document his own lip injections


It is becoming the trend to film surgical treatments and the latest reality star to jump on the bandwagon is Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry; the 25-year-old is joining fellow MTV reality stars Marnie Simpson and Charlotte Crosby by improving his pout with dermal filler injections.

Nathan took to Instagram to show off the procedure, posting pictures to document his filler injections and it seems that the reality regular was more than pleased with the results. The treatment, carried out by @macaesthetics, was apparently a complete success, as Nathan bemoaned how ‘unsymmetrical’ his lips were before getting the fillers injected.

Posting alongside a picture of himself post-surgery, Nathan raved about the results, saying that he had a ‘slightly wonky’ smile and now he was feeling much more confident with the way his lips look, adding ‘I haven’t stopped grinning.’ He thanked the surgery for his treatment, saying that the team keep him young.

However, fans online were unsure about the results, telling Nathan to avoid going down the route of the girls because he is already ‘very handsome’ and does not need any more work doing. Whilst another Twitter user quipped ‘Swear no one in Geordie Shore is natural anymore.’



Louise Thompson pokes fun at Charlotte Crosby for filler injections


The Geordie Shore bunch don’t have a great deal in common with their Made In Chelsea counterparts, and their differences have come to the forefront as the Geordie girls have upped their usage of cosmetic treatments to drastically alter their appearances.

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson might not have met MTV reality star Charlotte Crosby but that hasn’t stopped her passing judgement on the 26-year-olds recent cosmetic surgery, including a nose job and lip fillers. Louise commented in an interview with New! magazine that she was not a fan of the former Geordie Shore regular’s lip injections and even added that she found it ‘sad’ that Charlotte felt the need to get this kind of procedure done. Louise was not afraid to voice her opinion and said that she doesn’t think the repeated treatments are ‘a great image to portray to younger fans.’

Charlotte however did not seem too concerned about her fellow TV personality’s comments, saying ‘I’m not really bothered. People do things to alter the way they look every single day.’ She added that Louise puts make-up on her face to change the way she looks, asking ‘Is she not happy with the person she is?’



Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn hits back at criticism over lip injections



MTV reality regular Kailyn Lowry has spoken about her botched lip injections after receiving criticism from people online after she had the treatment done. The mother-of-two is best known for her appearances on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and the follow-up show Teen Mom 2, which follows the lives of the girls features in the original series.

Kailyn explained on Twitter that she had the treatment done while she was in Los Angeles before the update show was filmed at the end of April, but after her appearance she was subject to abuse online as she seemed to have gone too far and plumped her lips up too much. Followers on Twitter were quick to joke about her appearance on the show, comparing her lips to Kris Jenner after she had a reaction to the filler.

The 24-year-old responded in a jokey manner and did not seem to be taking the tweets seriously; she posted that she ‘had a reaction’ after she had the lip filler treatment done, she even added that the results looked even worse without lipstick covering them up. She posted several crying/laughing emoji’s after joking that she looks ‘like Marge Simpson’ following the botched treatment.


Holly Hagan explains why she gets Botox injections



Her followers on Twitter were not shy when it came to asking Geordie Shore starlet Holly Hagan whether she has had any cosmetic work done, and the 23-year-old was equally outspoken when she posted a video online about her recent Botox injections. Holly has always been happy to talk about her breast augmentation and recently she decided to get lip fillers and Botox injections to complete her image overhaul after she lost weight.

In the clip advertising the MTV reality show, Holly says that ‘the whole surgery thing really irritates’ her because she has only gone under the knife to enlarge her bust, whereas every other type of treatment she has had is non-surgical, namely Botox and fillers.

She added that she had Botox on top of her head as well as on her face because she didn’t like the way she looked when she was crying during filming for the latest season of the Newcastle-based TV series. She went on to say ‘I also had lip fillers over a year ago now.’ Despite some negative comments from people online, Holly insists that the treatments have made her feel more confident and she is even considering a nose job after seeing the results of cast mate Charlotte Crosby’s cosmetic surgery a few months ago.


Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan shocks fans after photograph of plumped up lips




Fans of MTV reality show Geordie Shore are used to seeing their favourite housemates overdoing it with makeup and hair extensions, but it seems that original member Holly Hagan may have taken things too far with cosmetic surgery, after she apparently had lip injections to plump up her pout. When the 23-year-old posted a picture of herself on Instagram, her 2.6million followers were shocked at the drastic change in her appearance.

Holly posted a close-up photograph of her face, showing heavy makeup, blue contact lenses, and dramatically plumped-up lips – a big change from her previous appearance. The reality star has previously shared her love of dermal filler injections and has not been shy about the Botox treatments she regularly gets to smooth her forehead.

Immediately after posting the picture, Holly’s followers started to ask what she had done to her lips and why she had decided to overdo it in such an obvious way. Holly declined to comment at the time but she spoke to The Daily Star about facial injections in January and said that she gets ‘a little bit of Botox’ in her forehead and explained that ‘as long as you’re just doing little bits’ it’s not a problem.


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans admits to lip injections


She has a famously turbulent lifestyle on MTV reality show Teen Mom 2 but that hasn’t stopped Jenelle Evans from taking care of her appearance; the 23-year-old has posted several pictures of herself on Instagram, revealing that she has had Juvederm injections to give her a plumper pout.

The mother-of-two visited Dr Tabasum Mir, who is quoted in OK Magazine talking about the procedure, raving that Jenelle can now ‘enjoy’ her lips after feeling self-conscious about her appearance for many years. She seemed to be quite proud of her work, saying ‘She looks fabulous.’ She went on to talk about the preconceptions people have about cosmetic procedures, explaining that a lot of people assumed that the lips are ‘automatically going to look harsh’ after having the treatment carried out, but that is not always the case. She added ‘Even Kylie Jenner’s lips didn’t get that big right away. She probably had several treatments before it got that big.’ Although she says there is nothing wrong with lips that look big, she felt it wasn’t right for Jenelle’s petite frame and decided that less would be more in this case.

Dr Mir also said that Jenelle should take care of her skin and avoid going out into the sun, as well as undergoing vitamin peels to keep the skin looking fresh and healthy.

Did Mischa Barton have an emergency dentistry disaster?


An actress has spoken out on emergency dentistry procedures – which she has blamed for a break down.

Mischa Barton recently said she feels silly talking about why she ended up in rehab for an alleged drug and alcohol problem.

She asserted everything in the media had been blown out of proportion and it all began when surgery on her wisdom teeth "went really badly".

"I had four [teeth] taken out and it had gone really badly wrong – they had to drill into my jaw and I was just in excruciating pain," the OC star stated.

She added: "I was having Novocaine shots every day to minimise the pain."

Barton is currently performing in the television show The Beautiful Life and in an interview with Alexa Chung on MTV admitted it was great to be back at work because she loves acting.

The American actress’ experience of emergency dentistry might encourage people in London who need dental implants or veneers to seek out a reputable oral health practitioner. ADNFCR-2621-ID-19368932-ADNFCR

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