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Illegal tooth whitening case reopened


A Lancaster woman had had her case reopened after she was prosecuted for illegally whitening teeth and fined nearly £3,500. Hayley Wilding, 25, failed to attend her hearing at Lancaster Magistrates court but was found guilty in her abscess of unlawfully practising dentistry and carrying on the business of dentistry during her time working at Vanity Salon in Lancaster, last year. However, Ms Wilding was apparently unaware that the General Dental Council was taking legal action against her, as she had moved house and was not receiving any of the letters from the court; which means that the case has been reopened.

Ms Wilding maintains that she thought she had completed a legally certified tooth whitening training course and had only realised that there was a court case addressing her after reading about it in the paper. She told the Lancaster Guardian; ‘I’ve been in to sign a document at the court saying I didn’t know anything about it and they have put it on hold. I’ve been doing teeth whitening since last February, after I did a three-day course with a company down in Cardiff. It cost me £400.’

The beautician said that she had been reassured that the whitening was not being carried out with peroxide-based products, so it was legal, and she added that she found the rules ‘confusing’. She went on to say that she feels ‘stupid and embarrassed’ and ‘like a criminal.’

The General Dental Council released a statement saying; ‘If you want to carry out tooth whitening, either by yourself or as a business, you must qualify as a dentist, dental therapist or a dental hygienist.’

Woman found guilty of providing illegal tooth whitening


A woman from Lancashire has been ordered to pay out almost £3,500 after she was found to be providing teeth whitening illegally at a beauty salon in Lancaster. Hayley Wilding, 25, failed to attend the hearing at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court but was found guilty in her absence of unlawfully practicing dentistry at Vanity Salon, in Ullswater Road.

The General Dental Council (GDC) launched proceedings against Ms Wilding last year and she was this week fined £900 for the first charge, as well as £450 for continuing the offence in late June of 2013. Magistrates ordered her to pay £135 victim surcharge and full court costs of £1,862 to the GDC.

Ms Wilding was found guilty because only dentists, dental hygienists, and dental therapists are allowed to perform whitening treatment. A spokesperson for the GDC said ‘We are committed to protecting the public by bringing cases of illegal practice to court.

According to the Lancashire Evening Post, Ms Wilding has now left the business but the manager of Vanity Salon, Leanne McClements, said that she was unaware of the law; ‘She had a certificate to say she had done a tooth whitening course, but [to provide this treatment[… you have to be a dental technician or a dentist. We were totally unaware of this and I was totally unaware she was being prosecuted.’ Ms McClements also added that the salon does not provide teeth whitening anymore.

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