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Botox ‘should not be available through prize draws’


Botox 'should not be available through prize draws'Health experts have spoken out against competitions that offer cosmetic procedures such as Botox as a prize.

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are unhappy that surgery is being advertised in this way, BBC News reports.

Sally Taber of IHAS said prize draws and loyalty card schemes could encourage young people to sign up for treatments they do not need, without properly considering the consequences.

"They're enticing people to have cosmetic surgery who may not have even thought about it," Ms Taber told the news provider.

"It's important people make an informed decision in the right environment," she added.

A recent event known as My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Prize Draw offered ticket holders the chance to win plastic surgery worth £4,000.

This comes after plastic surgeon Peter Paterson told the Lancashire Telegraph that a growing number of British men are opting for Botox injections and other facial procedures to keep them looking "young, energetic and vibrant".ADNFCR-2621-ID-800602747-ADNFCR

Botox patient awarded compensation


Botox patient awarded compensationA Botox patient has been awarded compensation after a jury heard the procedure had been wrongfully performed.

Douglas Ray Jr was given the money after claiming he was injured following injections to relieve a hand tremor, Reuters reports.

The 67-year-old was awarded $212 million (£126,997,974) after developing brain damage as a result of incorrect use of the procedure.

Pharmaceutical company Allergan was accused of marketing Botox for procedures which remain unapproved by the government.

The firm was allegedly teaching medical professionals how to bill for "off-label" uses such as treating headaches and cerebral palsy in children.

This news comes after Independent Healthcare Advisory Service spokeswoman Sally Taber urged people to ensure Botox practitioners are appropriately qualified, the Sun reports.

Ms Taber advises people contemplating undergoing Botox treatment to check the history of the doctor performing the procedure to ensure they are qualified to administer the injectable cosmetic treatment.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800518948-ADNFCR

Botox ‘should be performed in a clean environment’


Botox 'should be performed in a clean environment'People considering Botox treatment should ensure the environment is clean and safe, an expert has claimed.

The increasing popularity of Botox parties means it is more difficult for qualified practitioners to monitor the safety of patients.

Sally Taber from the Independent Healthcare Advisory service told the Sun that people considering the treatment should attend a legitimate clinic to receive the injection.

Ensuring the environment is clean and hygienic is vital to ensure patients do not catch infections after the procedure.

Ms Taber said: "From Botox parties in bedrooms to dermal fillers in a shed, we are continuously shocked at the places people have treatment."

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon stresses the importance of undergoing Botox treatment from a medical professional.

The organisation states that qualified practitioners should evaluate the medical history of patients to determine if the treatment is safe for them and perform the procedure in a sterile medical facility.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800512694-ADNFCR

Increase in Botox parties ‘could lead to unqualified practitioners’


Increase in Botox parties 'could lead to unqualified practitioners'People hosting Botox parties with friends are more likely to be receiving treatment from an unqualified practitioner, an expert has claimed.

Consumers could be put at risk when receiving at-home treatments due to unhygienic conditions and possible untrained specialists, claims the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service's Sally Taber.

People considering undergoing Botox treatment should consider their own safety when selecting an institution or practitioner to perform the treatment, Ms Taber reports in the Sun.

Consumers have been advised to be wary of the increased number of beauty consultants calling themselves advanced aesthetic practitioners in a bid to appear professionally qualified to perform the procedure.

Ms Taber told the newspaper: "A practitioner must not only demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and best clinical practice but also the ability to manage complications such as swelling or an allergic reaction."

This news comes after a number of medical firms were found to be allowing staff to perform Botox treatment on customers after just half a day of training on an orange, the Daily Mail reportsADNFCR-2621-ID-800511761-ADNFCR

Botox customers urged to only go to accredited professionals


Only get Botox from someone qualified to administer it, people have been warned.People considering having Botox should only go to accredited professionals for the treatment, one expert has urged.

Independent ¬Healthcare Advisory Service director Sally Taber told the Mirror that unregulated "cowboys" are putting people's health at risk, in some cases causing lumps and serious skin infections by injecting the drug without knowing how to do it correctly.

She added that some unscrupulous dealers are even masquerading as professionals and faking qualifications, such as Advanced Aesthetic Practitioners, something Ms Taber described as "worrying".

The expert is meeting with the government this week in order to clamp down on rogue traders, but she urged the public to do their own stringent research in the meantime.

"There are good practices available and people should put themselves in the hands of the medical professionals and not risk anything that seems cheaper. It is not worth the risk," Ms Taber added.

Botox patient Shane Gauthier told the Edmonton Sun last month that he is glad he had the treatment, because it makes him look younger and he has developed more self-esteem.

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