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Drinking sugary drinks slowly ‘could create need for emergency dentistry’


Regularly sipping sugary drinks might generate a need for emergency dentistry.The amount of time people spend sipping sugary drinks could affect the likelihood of them needing emergency dentistry.

Although it is widely known that too much sugar causes cavities, a study by Tufts University professor of nutrition and oral health Carole Palmer has found that people who consume sugary gym drinks rapidly may avoid dental health problems.

It was those who sipped sweet drinks slowly over the course of a few hours – or constantly drank sugary coffee while they worked – who were most at risk of decay, Time magazine reports.

“To prevent cavities, you should limit the total time that sugar spends in your mouth. Remember, of course, that gulping down sugar may not be wonderful for the rest of your body either,” Ms Palmer commented.

Earlier this month, people with tongue piercings were warned they may develop a need for cosmetic dentistry.

Academics from Buffalo University in New York found the studs could move teeth and create gaps by regularly banging against them.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800021982-ADNFCR

Will these tips help avoid emergency dentistry?


Some commonly believed facts that could lead to dental problems have been refuted by a US scientist.A scientist from a US dental school has debunked some myths that may lead to emergency dentistry.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine faculty member Carole Palmer said that poor oral health could have far-reaching effects, especially for pregnant women.

She suggested that eating poorly could lead to babies’ mouths and teeth not developing properly, which may cause them to need cosmetic dentistry in later life.

“Oral complications combined with poor diet can also contribute to cognitive and growth problems and can contribute to obesity,” she explained, warning parents to make sure their children have healthy diets.

Osteoporosis can cause tooth loss, she added, advising the elderly not to become complacent as they age because chronic health conditions, more common in later life, can lead to gum disease.

A recent study found that type two diabetes can double the chances of losing teeth.

Ms Palmer also reminded people that baby teeth should not be lost to tooth decay if possible and that sugar is not the only cause of dental problems.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800015105-ADNFCR

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