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London cosmetic dentistry ‘helps save smiles’


Britons in the capital could improve their smile by having some London cosmetic dentistry work carried out, it has been claimed.

Dr Jack Thomas, practice director of general dentistry at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Centre for Craniofacial Disorders, told Health News Digest that there are a range of procedures now available for those looking to make their smile more dazzling.

He commented: "In addition to giving us the ability to chew, [teeth] are an important accessory to our body’s makeup, as they indicate characteristics such as hygiene, economic status and age."

Available procedures include dental implants to replace teeth, teeth whitening and porcelain dental veneers.

Elsewhere, Elaine Hutcheson recently told the Sun that teeth whitening had helped her look her best for her wedding day.

Ms Hutcheson noted that prior to the procedure she was reticent to smile in public, but now is happy to show off her pearly whites every chance she gets.

Cosmetic dentistry will help bride to smile on wedding day


cosmetic dentistryOne woman has opted for cosmetic dentistry is now sure she will be happy with her appearance on her wedding day.

Elaine Hutcheson told the Sun of her decision to have plastic surgery on her nose in addition to “smile reconstruction” procedures.

She explained that, contrary to her now-fiance’s protestations, she decided to have the work done to her face and teeth.

Ms Hutcheson said she did not like to smile before she had the treatment, but now she will surely be showing off her pearly whites at the ceremony.

Commenting on her decision, she said: “Some people might think it’s over the top.

“But now I have no reservations about how I look.”

Ms Hutcheson was one of the 46 per cent of people in the UK who are unhappy with their teeth.

This is according to an Align Technology survey, which also showed that 32 per cent of people are most likely to notice a potential partner’s smile first.

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