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‘Treat teeth like your car’ to prevent emergency dentistry


Regular check-ups should prevent emergency dentistry.Treating teeth to a check-up as regularly as you do your car could help to prevent emergency dentistry, it has been stressed.

Mary Hayes, spokesperson for the American Dental Association, told the Norwich Bulletin that many people put off going to see a dentist until they have a serious problem such as intense pain, even though this is a big mistake.

“Dentistry’s strength is in its model of prevention and we should care for our teeth at least as well as we do our cars,” she commented.

This means going for a check-up with a dental practitioner every six months to a year, Ms Hayes said.

However, people who suffer from a lot of plaque build-up may wish to consider going three or even four times a year.

Colgate states that teeth are clean and free from debris when the breath is not stale and gums are firm and do not bleed during brushing or flossing.


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