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Human Barbie gives her daughter surgery voucher for Christmas


Botox and liposuction are generally considered a cosmetic treatment for people wanting to look younger, but TV personality Sarah Burge has angered parents all over the country by presenting her seven-year-old daughter Poppy with a £7,000 plastic surgery voucher for Christmas. The overbearing mother is determined that her daughter is going to be famous when she grows up, and there’s no way she’s going to be doing it au natural.

‘I’m an associate of plastic surgery companies,’ said the 51-year-old, who became known as the ‘Human Barbie’ after spending over £500,000 on various surgical operations, as well as Botox injections and endless amounts of make-up. Ms Burge went on to say that she ‘decided that by taking advantage of my trade I would invest in my children’s future, with gifts of surgery vouchers.’

The mother of three seems to be instilling in her daughters that how you look is the most important thing in the world, a fact that was not missed by the UK media when they reported last year that she had been injecting her teenage daughter Hannah with Botox. The erotic novelist and former lap dancer considers herself a ‘TV star’ as well as ‘an international public figure’ but remains oblivious to the damage she is doing, saying ‘There has  been a ridiculous amount of media hype and I want it to end.’

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