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Welsh Government continue to review water fluoridation


The Chief Dental Officer for Wales, David Thomas, has said that there is strong scientific evidence that adding fluoride to the water supply can significantly improve dental health in all areas of the country; the Welsh Government has said there are no plans to implement the scheme just yet but after some discussion with Health Minister Mark Drakeford, have said that they will continue to review the policy.

Giving evidence to the National Assembly’s Health and Social Care Committee, Mr Thomas said ‘In terms of fluoridation, the Welsh Government policy line is that there are no plans to fluoridate the water supply. I have discussed the issue with the Minister. There are some particular political and financial issues that would make fluoridation difficult, but it’s something that we will continue to keep under review because obviously there is evidence that the health of the whole community is improved with fluoridation.’

Critics have argued that this practice is ‘mass medication’ but Mr Thomas countered that, according to scientific evidence, adding fluoride to the water supply ‘certainly provides an improvement in oral health for all members of the population.’ He went on to suggest that research has shown there could be a reduction of inequality between ‘the haves and the have-nots’ to provide all sections of society with better dental health.

Oral health ‘key to healthy heart’


Oral health linked to heart disease risk.

Overall health can be greatly impacted upon by a lack of oral hygiene, it has been argued.

According to My Republica, Shyamsehkar Bikram Rana of People’s Dental College & Hospital at Naya Bazaar has said that instances of coronary heart disease are more common in those individuals who do not maintain a good oral health routine and especially in those who suffer from gingivitis.

The American Academy of Periodontology stated: “People with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without periodontal disease.”

Elsewhere, Michael Thomas, from the Wessex Dental Specialist Centre, recently claimed that busy people should take the time to look after their teeth properly and there should be no excuse for those who say they do not have the time to brush and floss their teeth daily.

Indeed, Mr Thomas said that having the forethought to stay on top of dental health issues will help people avoid costly and painful emergency dentistry treatments in the future.

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