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Cosmetic dentistry saves the day after artist’s crown falls out


Cosmetic dentistry fixed an artist's tooth with hours to spare before a big exhibition. A journalist has spoken of his wife’s gratitude to the world of cosmetic dentistry after one of her crowns fell out before an important event.

Roddy Phillips of the Aberdeen Press and Journal said his spouse had been preparing for a solo exhibition of her work the following evening when her tooth came out in her hand.

After some panic and “hand-wringing” – as well as discussing the possibility that she should brave the photographers with an “astonishing black hole” in her teeth – the couple decided to seek out someone able to perform emergency cosmetic dentistry.

“The following forenoon and my wife went to her exhibition dentally intact,” Mr Phillips commented.

This comes in the same week that reported the story of a man whose tooth fell out the day before he was supposed to be an usher at his friend’s wedding.

He too sought emergency dentistry and was able to carry out his duties with all his teeth firmly in place.

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