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Pensioner pulls his own tooth after struggling to secure dental appointment


A 73-year-old man has been forced to pull out his own tooth after he was turned away from both private and NHS dental clinics in the Leominster area of Herefordshire. Angus Macintyre, a retired teacher, suffered with toothache for three months but managed to keep the pain under control with the help of heavy painkillers he was already taking for his arthritis. Eventually the pain became unbearable and Angus contacted several clinics in the area, only to be told that it would be at least a month until the tooth could be removed.

Angus told Mailonline that his wife spoke to several private dentists, but unfortunately they were not licensed to perform extractions. As the pain became too much, the former soldier decided it would be easier to carry out the surgery himself with a pair of pliers. He said ‘It was just a few moves inwards, then outwards, a few little cracks and clicks and then thirty seconds later it was out.’

Although dentists do not recommend trying this at home, Angus was delighted with the results, saying ‘Once the tooth was out I felt like I was floating to the ground on a parachute of euphoria.’

Shortly after the DIY extraction, Mr Macintyre tried to go to the dentist to make sure there were not going to be any complications, but again was told that it would be a long time before an appointment could be arranged. He added ‘I went with the tooth and my hole to the clinic just to have it checked over and make sure everything was okay, but they told me the wait time was about four hours – so I just left. There have been no problems since, so I must have made a decent job of it.’

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