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Invisalign braces ‘must be worn properly for best results’


Only wearing Invisalign braces at night isn't enough, a writer has said. People who opt to have Invisalign braces to straighten their teeth must make sure they wear them as recommended by their dentist in order to get the best results.

This is the advice of Justin Fenner, writing for the Into the Gloss section of Styleite, who was commenting in response to a recent blog post by a model.

He noted that Karlie Kloss admitted to only wearing her Invisalign braces at night because she finds it embarrassing otherwise.

"Only wearing Invisalign trays at night is definitely isn't enough," Mr Fenner insisted.

"The idea behind wearing these things is to keep them in as long as possible so that the trays gradually move your teeth where they need to go."

Dr Darren Dickson from Texas recently praised the technology behind invisible braces, saying they are particularly good for adults who want their teeth straightened discreetly rather than having traditional train tracks.

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