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Woman uses chewing gum to replace lost teeth


Viewers of new makeover show Never Seen A Doctor were stunned to learn that a woman who was so afraid of going to the dentist actually used chewing gum as a substitute for her real teeth, which were lost to decay after she stopped going to visit her dentist.

The woman, known as Sue, showed shocked presenter Katie Piper by explaining that she only has seventeen teeth left and instead of getting a denture she used chewing gum dipped in coffee to fill the space left by her missing front teeth. Sue demonstrated how she used the gum to fill the gaps, squashing it into the space after dipping it in coffee to match it to the dark shade of her remaining natural teeth.

After the show managed to arrange dental treatment for her, Sue was given six months of treatment to replace her lost teeth, allowing her to ditch the chewing gum solution and get her smile back. Sue met with Katie to unveil her new teeth after the treatment was complete and the difference was obvious – viewers were quickly on Twitter to voice their surprise at the improvement in Sue’s appearance, as well as her dental health.


Actor puts TV role down to missing teeth


TV actor Peter Coonan has credited his missing front teeth with landing him the role of Fran in the award-winning drama Love/Hate. The 28-year-old plays gangster Fran in the popular RTE show and viewers saw the character get involved in a pub brawl where two of his teeth were knocked out; thanks to the actors previous dental injuries there was no need for elaborate make-up after the fight.

Coonan explained that ‘I had an incident when I was younger and I fell. I had an accident and smashed my teeth, so I’ve had a denture. On the first film I worked on, which is the reason I got the part on Love/Hate, I had my teeth out and… that’s how I got the audition for Fran.’ He went on to say that he was expecting the missing teeth to come into the show at some point, adding that ‘For every script for every season I was like ‘when is it coming?’, and then I saw the teeth [incident] in episode two.’

The actor also admitted that he was nervous about filming the fight scenes, commenting that he came round to the idea after considering dental treatment to replace the teeth; he said ‘it’s one of those things and I won’t have [the denture] for long because I’m going to get them fixed, so we may as well utilise it.’

Doctor removes patient’s teeth after she is admitted for leg surgery


Parents of a young hospital patient have made a complaint to the police after their daughter was admitted for leg surgery and came out of the operation with five of her teeth missing. Philip Morrison and Sonia McCrossan took their six-year-old daughter Sarah to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital to undergo treatment on her legs to make them stronger; she was scheduled for surgery to insert metal rods into them to combat a rare brittle bone disease that she developed in the womb.

As well as treating her legs, the surgeons decided to extract her baby teeth as they ‘posed a serious risk to Sarah’s airway’ and the Hospital maintains that her parents spoke to a clinician beforehand about this issue. Sarah’s parents, however, tell a different story and have informed the police about this incident; her father Philip described how his partner Sonia called in in ‘a very erratic state, crying and screaming’ after the surgery had been completed. He said ‘At that point I thought Sarah had died. I ran down to the recovery room where I first got a glimpse of Sarah with her mouth full of blood. The hospital is adamant that baby teeth were taken, but two of them were adult teeth; I know because I have the baby teeth at home.’

The family are now planning to move Sarah to another hospital, insisting that she won’t be attending any more appointments at the South Yorkshire facility, saying ‘Sarah has been going mad about the missing teeth. She keeps putting her tongue up there saying ‘they stole my teeth’.’

A spokesperson for the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said ‘The care given to this patient was done in her best interest. We understand her parents have raised this as an issue with the police and we will keep them updated as we would with any incident.’

Wrestling star suffers dental complications


Wrestler-turned-actor Hulk Hogan is bringing in the New Year with a few changes to his public image; he’s shaving his head and removing the iconic moustache in preparation for some new acting opportunities. The 58-year-old is getting ready for some auditions, after only recently recovering from dental complications that left him in agony.

Hulk was undergoing dental implant surgery in October last year, in order to replace some missing teeth and improve his chances of rebuilding his acting career. The wrestler admitted that losing the teeth was his own fault, after neglecting to clean them properly, ‘After many years of not taking care of teeth correctly, I had to finally have surgery,’ he said. Unfortunately, according to the wresting star, his dentist accidentally left a metal tack in his mouth after fitting him for a mould, which developed into a nasty infection that wouldn’t shift for several weeks.

The treatment that followed involved drilling a hole in the side of Hogan’s jaw, in order to remove the infected tissue, then cleaning the area thoroughly. ‘I’m good to go.’ He said today, but added ‘It feels like somebody punched me in the face.’ He also had a few words of advice for his young fans regarding dental care, saying ‘The theme for today is ‘kids, take care of your teeth’, because if you stuff candy in your mouth, you’re going to rot your teeth out.

I’m A Celebrity contestant gets offers for new dental implants


Liverpudlian joker Crissy Rock caused a stir in the jungle when she had her dentures flown in by helicopter, noting that she ‘had a chopper for her choppers’. Now that she’s out of the jungle, the 53-year-old is itching to finish the cosmetic dental treatment that saw her spending thousands of pounds over the past few months, and the offers have been flooding in.

Speaking to Inside magazine, Crissy revealed she had been receiving correspondence from some of the country’s top dentists – including the one that gave Simon Cowell his pearly whites. ‘I’m definitely going to get them down,’ She said, adding that she had already handed over £12,500 to have her bottom jaw fitted with dental implants, and saying that she was definitely going to have the procedure repeated on her top jaw.

Despite her recent health problems, the scouse comedienne hasn’t lost her sense of humour, even joking that she was ‘going to look like Hannibal Lector!’ following her extensive pre-op treatment, which may include a bone graft to rebuild her jaw. Crissy admitted that it wasn’t going to be a quick process, saying ‘It’s going to be a big job though, because when I had the first lot done, they warned me they’d have to take bone from my hip and do a graft.’ It’s often the case with missing teeth that the jaw starts to deteriorate and isn’t always thick enough to house the implants on its own.

I’m A Celebrity contestant booked in for dental surgery


ITV show ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ is known for putting its contestants through their paces, but comedienne Crissy Rock has an even bigger trial to face when she leaves the jungle; dental surgery. The cheeky Liverpudlian made viewers chuckle as she announced her ‘choppers’ had their own chopper, while her dentures were being flown back to her after she pulled out of a sky dive, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Crissy in the past few years.

Known for her scouse humour, the 55-year-old has kept her chin up while battling cancer for the second time, beating it shortly before signing up for the jungle reality show. Crissy had previously had several missing teeth replaced with dental implants, but when the cancer struck again, her jaw bone deteriorated to the point where it could no longer support them and they started to fall out.

Her friend, Margi Jones, said that it was loss of bone density that caused the dental implants to fall out, saying; ‘Crissy went through a bad time last year. That’s why she’s got the fake gnashers.’ But it seems the Benidorm star is anxious to have her old smile back, Margi went on to say that she was a ‘brave old bird to have the implants done again.’, pointing out that it wasn’t vanity, ‘she just hates the fact that she’s got false teeth.’

New study could help improve healing for dental implants


New study could help improve healing for dental implantsScientists in Europe have conducted research that could facilitate quicker healing processes for patients with dental implants in future.

A study from the University of Gothenburg and Astra Tech has led to the creation a new method of analysing the topography of titanium dental implants at a nanoscopic scale.

This allows researchers to analyse the way in which the implant is anchored to the bone, as well as giving insight into how this could be enhanced via changes to its smoothness, conductivity and natural oxide coating.

According to the report, this breakthrough could make it easier for new dental implants could be developed that are optimised for increased bone formation and better healing.

Johanna Loberg at the University of Gothenburg's department of chemistry said: "This would reduce the discomfort for patients and makes for a better quality of life during the healing process."

According to a recent Cape May County Herald report, dental implants are becoming more popular as a means of providing a natural-looking replacement for missing teeth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800591282-ADNFCR

Emergency dentistry news: Dental implants ‘offer function, beauty and durability’


Emergency dentistry news: Dental implants 'offer function, beauty and durability'People who have lost teeth should consider dental implants to maintain a dazzling smile, an expert has claimed.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr Weiguang Ma has recommended the procedure to people who have missing teeth due to the natural look and feel of the implant.

Speaking in the Wausau Daily Herald, Dr Ma stated that dental implants "offer excellent function, beauty and durability".

The procedure sees dental professionals surgically fit a titanium implant into the jawbone, which will hold a replacement tooth to give the teeth a natural appearance.

Dental implants can replace a single tooth that has been knocked out during an accident or an entire set that could have been damaged by gum disease or tooth decay.

Dr Ma told the newspaper that the procedure can be performed on anyone wanting to replace missing teeth. However, children in their teens are usually unable to get the treatment due to fact that the jaw has not finished developing.

Meanwhile, claims that the procedure can make patients more confident and look younger.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800504223-ADNFCR

Could dental implants have helped to avoid false teeth disaster?


A man from Glastonbury might not be in a predicament if he had opted for dental implants.A man has issued a plea for residents to keep an eye out for his false teeth after losing them in Glastonbury, with this situation unlikely to have come about if dental implants had been fitted instead.

According to Glastonbury People, the owner of the missing teeth is hoping to be reunited with them in time for Christmas lunch.

If he had had dental implants he might not have had to worry about this situation, but as it is, he may be forced to eat his festive meal without his precious chompers.

"They were lost somewhere in Glastonbury and were in a steel tin measuring approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, inside a black bum-bag," added the online news provider.

US dentist Dr Yoli DiGiulio recently claimed dental implants are vastly better than dentures and suggested individuals could need just one of the former in a lifetime if it is fitted correctly.


Dental implants ‘can improve a patient’s life’


Dental implants can improve people's lives. A top dentist in the US has been speaking of the benefits of dental implants for those with missing teeth.

Dr Steven A Koos from Chicago was attending a conference in which new technologies in oral healthcare were discussed.

Among them were implants, which Dr Koos said can have a huge impact.

"Every day I see the difference of how dental implants can improve a patient's life, restore their smile and confidence and give people normal dental function again to enjoy food," he enthused.

Dr Koos explained that they are better than traditional bridgework and can also replace removable dentures entirely, resulting in a better fit.

Last month, – the website of Dental Health magazine – said people struggling as a result of age-related tooth loss as well as from accidents could benefit from having dental implants.

These are anchored into the jaw bone, which then grows around them for extra stability.

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