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Tesco customer loses part of her tooth after biting into metal found in food


A woman who bought her dinner from Tesco has lost part of her tooth after biting into the food; Caroline Wilson, 44, bought the portion of gammon, pancetta, and roast potatoes from her local store last week and suffered a dental injury after biting into a section of rusty metal blade that was found in the food.

Ms Wilson was left with a broken molar and had to undergo dental treatment to repair the damage; she said that she instantly realised that something was wrong when she took a bite of her meal and found that there was a rusty shard of metal in her mouth – she believes it came from the factory that produced the food. Ms Wilson told Mailonline that she could have ‘eviscerated’ her insides if she did not chew the food properly and had instead swallowed the metal blade.

A spokesman for Tesco said that safety is of the utmost importance to them and the factories that produce their products ‘operate the most rigorous checks’ to make sure that this kind of thing does not happen. He added ‘We would like to assure our customers we have had no similar complaints for any of the products Miss Wilson purchased.’

Although she was provided with a refund and a £10 gift voucher, Ms Wilson was not happy with this as compensation and wants the supermarket chain to pay for her dental work, saying that she has now been put off shopping at the store following the incident.

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