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Bride-to-be wins £10,000 compensation for botched dental work


A woman who decided to get a dental makeover months before her wedding has been awarded £10,000 in compensation after bad dental work left her with rotting, black teeth.

Faye Walters, 28, had six veneers fitted on her front teeth in time for her wedding, in order to boost her confidence, but the bride-to-be was horrified when she bit into a bagel and her teeth shattered. Her gums were also badly damaged as a result of the botched dental treatment. Miss Walters was then left with a £7,000 bill to correct the damage in time for her big day.

After getting repair work done, Miss Walters, from Buckingham, spoke to Mailonline about her ordeal, saying that her teeth were left looking ‘disgusting’ and explaining that she eventually lost faith in her old dentist to fix her teeth, so she went online to find a qualified cosmetic dentist to help her out. The new dentist told her that ‘it was the worst case of its kind he had seen in his 25-year career.’ Fortunately, the repair went smoothly and she now says that her teeth are ‘great and everything has healed.’

All six of the veneers were replaced and Miss Walters was given compensation of £10,000 to cover the repair work and also for her pain and suffering.

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