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Katie Price talks dental veneers on radio show


Model-turned-radio presenter Katie Price has described her dental treatment live on air and even revealed that she spent almost £90,000 on her teeth. Discussing the dental work on her FUBAR radio show this morning, she insisted that the treatment was not carried out for cosmetic reasons.

The pregnant star told listeners and her fellow presenter Mark Dolan that she had dental veneers fitted because she ‘fell off a skateboard’ when she was younger and damaged some of her teeth. Explaining the procedure, Katie said ‘It’s still my tooth underneath, but they shave them down so the veneer can sit on them’. She described her real teeth as ‘pegs’ due to the remodelling procedure and even joked that she would be ‘Miss Peggy’ if she didn’t have the veneers fitted over her teeth.

Despite her jokes, the mother-of-four advised listeners not to get veneers if they don’t need them because ‘the teeth have no grip’ and she struggles to bite into food that has not already been chopped up. Katie added ‘They were so expensive. When I was in the US, I watched Extreme Makeover and went to see the dentist on there – $150,000 (around £87,000) my bl**dy teeth cost me.’ She also spoke about on-going treatment that she needs to maintain her teeth, adding ‘I’ve lost two at the side’ since having them done, and saying that she ‘used to fly to America to get them fixed.’

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