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Teeth whitening patients ‘should seek treatment from professionals’


Teeth whitening patients 'should seek treatment from professionals'It is worthwhile seeking out the guidance of dental healthcare professionals when considering teeth whitening, as there are risks associated with making poor decisions.

While many internet and pharmacy-bought kits may be much cheaper than going to a treatment centre, the end result is sufficiently different to warrant paying more.

According to the Daily Mirror's Miriam Stoppard, professionals will apply a special teeth whitening gel and explain exactly what to do in the weeks following an appointment.

In her view, it is definitely worthwhile spending more money, as the treatment will be done with the patient's teeth in mind, rather than simply being a standard application from a box.

Ms Stoppard added: "Some online treatments, supplied from abroad (don't be fooled by a address!) may contain illegally high concentrations of bleach that may permanently damage the tooth enamel."

Last month, BBC News reported that the General Dental Council called for new legislation regulating who is able to carry out tooth whitening operations in the UK.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800565639-ADNFCR

Invisible braces ‘could help with malocclusion’


Invisible braces might help with malocclusion.People suffering from malocclusion could find that a visit to a dentist to talk about invisible braces is in order.

Writing for the Mirror, Miriam Stoppard explained that this is the medical term for a poor bite, when the teeth fail to meet at the back and slightly overlap at the front as perfect teeth do.

Instead, overcrowding or jaw shape could cause the teeth to become crooked, protrude significantly or overlap in an overbite.

"However, perfect teeth are rare and most people have some teeth that are out of position," Stoppard commented.

She pointed out that malocclusion often runs in families and said a specialist dentist may be able to help, particularly if it is causing problems with eating or speaking.

"If required, the teeth may be aligned using a brace," the expert commented.

Earlier this month, England rugby international Chris Ashton said in his Daily Mail column that he has been wearing invisible braces to correct his misaligned smile.

Parents offered top tips on preventing emergency dentistry in children


Taking some easy steps could prevent emergency dentistry in children.Parents keen to prevent emergency dentistry in their children in future should ensure they start looking after emerging teeth as early as possible.

In an article for US News and World Report, Health Day pointed out that the recommendations are clear from organisations such as the American Dental Association when it comes to brushing.

It said mums and dads should wipe down their baby's gums as often as possible before teeth emerge using a small gauze pad.

Once they do begin to show, the baby teeth should be cleaned using a special brush for youngsters but no toothpaste.

This should only be introduced once the toddler reaches two years of age, Health Day explained.

In order to prevent emergency dentistry as a result of erosion, parents should not allow children to go to bed with a bottle, it added.

Miriam Stoppard recently warned there is no excuse for poor oral healthcare among children and said parents need to look after milk teeth just as they would their own.

Teeth whitening treatment ‘may result in better confidence’


Your self-esteem may be boosted by teeth whitening treatment.Having teeth whitening treatment could result in patients developing better self-confidence, it has been claimed.

An article in the Paducha Sun stated that whiter teeth are often associated with youth and beauty.

Consequently, people who have them are more likely to smile often and get a good response from both people they know and strangers.

This should lead to better self-esteem, the piece said.

However, it advised against opting for teeth whitening products seen on TV or the internet, as some can contain harmful levels of acid and bleach.

"Have a dentist check over your teeth prior to starting," the news provider recommended.

Last month, Miriam Stoppard told the Mirror that DIY kits could "permanently damage your teeth and even harm your long-term health" and also said it is wise to seek a professional to perform the procedure instead.

She pointed out that not only may they be dangerous, but they could even result in stains that are more serious than was the case before.

Mother starts emergency dentistry prevention in newborn baby


Baby Faye's mum is already trying to prevent emergency dentistry.Most mothers start an emergency dentistry prevention regime for their babies when teeth erupt after around six months, but one woman has had to begin hers much earlier.

A day after giving birth to her daughter Faye, 25-year-old Patricia Caulfield was astonished to find that the baby had two full front teeth poking out of her lower gum.

"My midwife told me this is really rare. Children are sometimes born with buds but hardly ever full teeth," the young mum told the Daily Mail.

What's more, Faye now has another set of molars at the back of her mouth. Ms Caulfield is now helping to stop her child from needing emergency dentistry in the future by brushing them carefully.

She also has to keep an eye on them in case they become wobbly.

Last month, Miriam Stoppard said in an article for the Mirror that it is important to look after children's milk teeth, as it is these which will help guide their adult teeth into the right positions.

Teeth whitening ‘should always be done by dentists’


Dentists beat DIY when it comes to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening should always be carried out by a trained dentist in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

This is the recommendation of Dr Keith Cohen, an oral health expert who said it is the best way to ensure safe, effective results.

Indeed, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry recently found that some DIY kits do not just lighten the teeth but erode them, while others have moulds that cause bleaching agents to leak out and affect the gums.

"If you want to white your teeth, get a dentist to do it, as they will use a made-to-measure tray around the teeth that will reduce the risk of leakage," Dr Cohen commented.

He also advised against shopping for teeth whitening kits on unknown internet sites, as these too may be dangerous.

This echoes a recent article by Miriam Stoppard, who told the Mirror that it is worth saving up for professional teeth whitening rather than trying to do it yourself.


‘Lemon detox’ could cause people to need cosmetic dentistry


Lemon juice in hot water could cause you to need cosmetic dentistry.Anyone who has heard that drinking a glass of hot lemon juice in water in the mornings could help them to detox has been warned that it could also cause them to need cosmetic dentistry.

It has been claimed that this mixture may help the liver to filter out toxins, assisting in weight loss.

Writing for the Mirror, Miriam Stoppard said not only is there no evidence that doing this helps the body, but it could also damage the teeth.

"The acid from the lemon causes enamel erosion while the hot water further intensifies the attack. Once the enamel has gone, it never grows back. One of the first signs is yellow teeth," she warned.

Treatment of enamel loss usually depends on the extent of the damage. If it is extensive, cosmetic dentistry is likely to be required to restore the previous appearance.

Porcelain dental veneers may be recommended where a number of teeth have been damaged.


‘Save up for professional teeth whitening’ if you want to be safe


It may be worth saving up for professional teeth whitening.  A writer has advised anyone wanting a brighter smile to save up for professional teeth whitening treatment in order to avoid damaging their teeth.

Miriam Stoppard told the Mirror DIY kits could "permanently damage your teeth and even harm your long-term health".

She pointed out that although kits used by professionals do contain sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, dentists know what they are doing with the substances.

When these chemicals are used at home, they could damage tooth enamel, actually causing them to turn darker because the dentin below is exposed.

"If you want whiter teeth, ask your dentist's advice … save up money for a professional treatment that's guaranteed to work and be safe," Ms Stoppard urged.

This follows advice from the British Dental Association's Martin Fallowfield earlier this week, who told the Sun that kits bought on the internet or through beauty salons could be downright dangerous for teeth and gums.


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