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Morning Joe host jokes about lisp after getting braces


The hosts of MSNBC’s morning news show Morning Joe, were left in fits of giggles on live television after one of the panel admitted that the reason she had suddenly developed a lisp was because she had started orthodontic treatment with lingual braces. Mika Brzezinski, 48, had not mentioned to the viewers that she had started the treatment but the cat was let out of the bag after she had problems pronouncing the letted ‘S’ during a news segment on ISIS.

Co-host Joe Scarborough was unable to keep the secret and told Mika that she had to explain why she suddenly had a lisp, saying ‘It’s worse than I ever imagined.’ The female host carried on with the programme but her colleagues had already lost their composure, with producers behind the camera even getting the giggles. Scarborough was almost crying with laughter as his co-host attempted to say ‘ISIS’ two or three times, with a noticeable lisp affecting her speech.

Mika explained that she had the lingual braces fitted onto the back of her teeth because of an overbite. She told the panel ‘It’s my bite that’s bad’. Although the braces are virtually invisible from the front of her mouth, the orthodontic appliance has obviously affected her speech somewhat; this can happen with treatment but it is usually a temporary problem that resolves itself quickly.

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