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Ancient skull found with be-jewelled teeth in Mexico



A skull thought to be around 1600-years-old has been discovered in Mexico and rather than an ordinary set of white teeth scientists were surprised to discover that the skull had teeth decorated with jewels and even a prosthetic tooth made out of a green stone known as serpentine.

Archaeologists have determined that the skull belonged to an upper-class woman who was probably foreign to the region. The skeleton was discovered near the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, in a town called San Juan Evangelista. It is thought that the woman was between thirty-five and forty years old when she died. The female has been named ‘The Woman of Tlailotlacan’ and she has two round pyrite stones fixed to her two front teeth, another indication that she was not from this area. This practice is generally associated with Mayan regions in southern Mexico and Central America.

As well as the bejewelled teeth, the woman’s bones were intentionally deformed, a significant discovery which could point to human sacrifice, as similar skeletons were discovered in the area previously. The site is thought to be a burial ground for the Teotihuacan people who lived there between the first and eighth centuries before vanishing entirely.


Scott Disick posts selfie before teeth whitening treatment


Reality TV regular Scott Disick has been busy partying ever since splitting from the eldest Kardashian, Kourtney, and now it seems like he’s turning to cosmetic treatments to freshen up his appearance after spending one-too-many nights on the town. Disick, 32, who is father to Kourtney’s three children, posted a picture of himself on Instagram holding a whitening tray and smiling broadly.

The picture shows Scott sitting at his desk, while he is holding a teeth whitening device, which appears to have a curing light attached. Home whitening treatments that include a blue curing light are designed to be more effective because the light activates the bleaching components in the whitening gel, in order to get the best results from the product. The reality star captioned the photograph ‘Getting my teeth whitening on.’

His dental improvements come after Scott has spent the last week vacationing in Mexico and then jetting off to Nevada for a personal appearance at a nightclub. Sources are adamant that his hard partying is the reason former partner Kourtney called off their nine year relationship, and Scott has shown no signs of cleaning up his act. On Sunday, the eldest Kardashian sister posted a cryptic tweet supposedly aimed at her ex, which read ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein.’


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