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Survey finds sleep problems like teeth-grinding to be widespread


Sleep problems such as bruxism are widespread, a study has found.A new survey has discovered that sleep problems such as excessive teeth grinding (bruxism), sleep apnoea and insomnia may be more widespread in Britain than originally thought.

The poll, carried out by the Mental Health Foundation, found that almost two-thirds of people suffer from a condition that affects their slumber, with only 39 per cent of adults being able to report that they usually sleep well.

Nearly a quarter of the respondents said they often wake up struggling for breath or have trouble because of bruxism.

These issues also affect people's waking time, with sufferers more likely than those who get enough shut-eye to have depression, problems concentrating or low energy.

Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, commented: "It is crucial that we now treat the issue of sleep problems as the major public health concern it is."

Last month, Texan dentist Mac Lee said in the Victoria Advocate that cosmetic dentistry could help people with sleep apnoea.

He explained that sufferers are also often teeth-grinders and so may benefit from a specially-fitted Mandibular Advancement Device.

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