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Woman speaks out about unregulated fillers after going blind following treatment


A woman from Leeds who suffered permanent blindness in one eye after botched dermal filler treatment has decided to talk about her experiences in order to warn others about the dangers of unregulated filler injections. Meiska Mamajeski went blind in her left eye after the filler treatment went wrong back in 2011.

Meiska, 53, was admitted to A&E after she underwent the procedure at a London cosmetic clinic and became the first British woman to be blinded by botched dermal filler injections; although she is one of 98 known cases in the world, according to the World Congress of Dermatology. Meiska decided to speak out about her situation after she realised that fillers were entirely unregulated in Britain, leaving many people at risk of complications. She spoke to the Daily Mail about her harrowing ordeal in a bid to warn others about the risks of treatment at the hands of untrained providers.

After struggling to overcome the debilitating injury, Meiska managed to get back some of her independence and she was awarded a five figure sum after launching legal proceedings against the doctor that carried out the treatment. Despite the pay-out, Mieska is adamant that ‘it was never about the money’ because she just wanted the negligence of the doctor to be recognised.

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