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Student admits his Botox addiction came from random attack


A man who was badly beaten in a homophobic attack has admitted in an interview that his Botox addiction stemmed from the traumatic incident which occurred in 2010. Bobby, 25, from York, recalled the attack in an interview for Channel 5 documentary Mascara Boys, saying that he decided to use Botox to try and get his confidence back.

Bobby, who was 19 at the time of the attack, said that he was set upon by a group of men as he made his way to a bus stop and beaten until he was unconscious.

After the horrific attack Bobby chose to get multiple cosmetic treatments, including Botox injections, as he has developed some negative feelings about his appearance; he described the treatment as his way of ‘fighting back’ against his attackers. He said ‘I have had filler, my Cupid’s Bow enhanced, my cheeks enhanced and my eyebrows tattooed on.’ He went on to say ‘I love my Botox and I would love teeth veneers and a hair transplant.’

However, Bobby’s GP was concerned that the young man was overdoing the anti-wrinkle treatment and he was ordered to take a two year break from the injections; he is now having occasional treatments and his beautician ensures that he no longer overdoes it with Botox.


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