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Madonna pays for brothers new teeth


Pop star Madonna has had a contentious relationship with her brother but now it seems that they are on better terms as the singer is helping Martin Ciccone get back on his feet after years of drinking and clashes with the law. As well as patching things up, Madonna has offered to help Martin rebuild his life by paying for a new set of teeth after prolonged substance abuse caused severe dental problems.

In a candid interview with The National Enquirer, Martin said that he and the superstar were now on ‘good terms’ and that she was helping him to put his life back together; he is now working at a rehab facility in Hollywood, assisting others with addiction problems. He told the publication ‘She’s getting me some new teeth. I’m hoping to start doing voice-over work again for cartoons and video games and get back on my feet.’

The 56-year-old is grateful for his sister’s help – she also paid for him to go to rehab – and is attempting to reach out to their older brother Anthony Ciccone in a similar way. Anthony has been homeless on the freezing streets of Michigan for nearly three years and claims that Madonna doesn’t care if he lives or dies. Martin, however, has a different perspective, saying ‘She wants to help him but he doesn’t help himself.’

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