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Birmingham most in need of teeth whitening?


Birmingham and London are hotspots for people wanting teeth whitening treatments.A new study has shown some interesting statistics on teeth whitening trends.

Discount website said it had noticed that lots of people were signing up for vouchers for teeth whitening kits, so it decided to investigate the patterns city by city.

Its research found that 18 per cent of all the coupons were registered for by people in Birmingham, suggesting they may be most in need of cosmetic dentistry.

London, Liverpool, Brighton and Exeter were also found to have a high proportion of registrations for teeth whitening coupons.

In contrast, only two per cent of vouchers went to people in Portsmouth, while Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester and Cardiff were also largely ignoring the kits.

Mark Pearson, spokesperson or, said: “I was surprised at the statistics, as we didn’t expect there to be such a big difference in demand between cities.”

However, the news also highlights the fact that people may still be buying dangerous teeth whitening kits online.

Earlier this week, Which? advised consumers against purchasing these products, as they may damage the teeth and burn the mouth.

Anyone wanting to have their teeth whitened would be better advised to seek out a professional cosmetic dentist.

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