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Need for professionals to carry out cosmetic dentistry highlighted after arrest


Using unqualified people for your cosmetic dentistry could result in heartache.Anyone hoping to have cosmetic dentistry has been urged not to go for cheap deals or visit practitioners who cannot prove their qualifications.

This comes after 41-year-old David Lawrence was apprehended in the US for running three dental firms without a licence.

His crimes came to light after a patient went to have false teeth fitted and they subsequently broke.

After she went back to complain, she asked about Mr Lawrence’s qualifications and he refused to answer.

The Department of Health was called and it was found that he was not qualified to carry out any dental work or work as a dental hygienist, so the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested and charged him.

In a similar case last month, Mario Alfredo Pacheco was also arrested and prosecuted after fitting dental implants and carrying out emergency dentistry without qualifications, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

One of his patients’ dental implants were so poorly fitted they caused an infection.


Texan arrested for carrying out emergency dentistry without licence


Anyone in need of emergency dentistry should seek a qualified practitioner, a recent case has highlighted.  The importance of seeking an accredited professional when in need of emergency dentistry or other oral healthcare has been highlighted following a case in the US.

Julio de la Fuente, 54 and from Texas, was arrested over the weekend for practising dentistry without a licence.

His patients had complained about the poor dental work they had received and police were called to visit his surgery.

Although he told officers he had a degree in dentistry from the University of Michigan, calls to the institution revealed he had no such qualification.

He was also not registered by the State Board of Dental Examiners and had already been ordered to cease practising last year.

Mr de la Fuente has since been banned from carrying out dental work and has been released on bail.

Earlier this month, an unlicensed dentist from San Francisco was also prosecuted after carrying out dental implants and emergency dentistry unlawfully.

Mario Alfredo Pacheco had caused infections in some cases due to his shoddy work, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Unlicensed US dentist prosecuted


A US dentist who worked without a licence has been prosecuted.An unlicensed dentist from San Francisco has been prosecuted after working for three years and injuring his patients, according to a local newspaper.

Dental implants and emergency dentistry were both administered by Mario Alfredo Pacheco, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Some people paid thousands of dollars for unwanted treatment, including fillings, extractions and root canals, but have been unable to get their money back.

He caused infections by installing dental implants into one victim and was also said to have not sterilised his equipment properly.

The man, who worked in Oakland, was accused of inflicting great bodily injury, practising dentistry when he was unlicensed, risking harm to his patients and administering an anaesthetic to help commit a crime.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney, Nancy O’Malley, described Mr Pacheco’s work as “poorly done”.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the General Dental Council has prosecuted nine illegally-practising dentists in the UK so far this year.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800012792-ADNFCR

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