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Man receives compensation for infected dental implant


Bristol man, Mark Chambers, travelled all the way to Cheadle Hume, to his childhood family dentist, to receive dental care following a tooth extraction. Mr Chambers was given advice to have a dental implant and a crown to solve the issue of his missing tooth. However, the dentist at A R Dental Care failed to realise that his patient did not have enough bone density to be able to support the implant.

Unfortunately, six years later, Mr Chamber’s developed severe complications with the implant, including gum recession and infection. He spoke to the Manchester Evening News, “My gum had receded since the original treatment, which created a pocket between my gum and the implant allowing bacteria in that caused infection.” He also went on to say how frustrating the situation became, due to the amount of time it has taken out of his life and how it has limited his enjoyment of food.

Mr Chambers sought legal advice following his ordeal. Jonathan Owen of the Dental Law Partnership stated that his client would not have suffered if the implant had been fitted correctly in the first place. The dental practice settled out of court, to the sum of six thousand five hundred pounds. Despite this, Mr Chambers will still need to undergo over a years’ worth of corrective dental work to rectify the issue. A R Dental Care refused to comment.




Man spends £130,000 to look like Kim Kardashian


Twenty-four-year-old Salford man, Jordan Parkes, has been nicknamed the ‘male Kim Kardashian.’ Jordan has spent a whopping £130,000 on cosmetic surgery, with the sole aim of replicating the look of his US icon. In continuing pursuit of his goal he is scheduled for a third nose job in Istanbul. Jordan expects it to take around a year for the swelling to subside after the procedure, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Jordan has admitted that he frequently gets offered free or discounted surgery now, as his fame is good publicity for cosmetic companies. He is also planning on also having upper eyelid surgery within the next month. He has been open about his insecurities and is self-conscious that his Instagram photos show his eyelids to be sagging.

However, Jordan’s attempts to transform his looks have not ran entirely smoothly. He previously appeared on the series ‘Botched’ to discuss his lip filler hell, after injecting unknown chemicals into his lips. Unfortunately for Jordan, his lips started leaking and he had to have treatment to remove the mysterious substance. Jordan spoke about his nightmare to the Manchester Evening News, “My lips are amazing now thanks to cosmetic couture in Manchester; they reduced them for me a few months back. I still have filler, but I no longer self-inject, I leave it to the professionals.”



Teenager wins pay-out after dentist failed to spot decay


A young patient from Manchester has received a £10,000 pay-out from her dentist after two of her teeth had to be removed due to the dentist missing the early signs of decay during repeat examinations. Matilda Bruchard, 16, of Whalley Range, had been visiting Dr Robert Pridding at the Wood and Wolfstein Dental Practice in Chorlton since she was five years old and developed dental problems at the age of nine.

Matilda visited the dentist after she developed extremely bad toothache but was sent home with toothpaste for sensitive teeth instead of being treated for tooth decay. After repeated visits to the dentist due to the pain, Matilda was finally given an x-ray which showed that one of her molars was very badly decayed.

Following the missed diagnosis, Matilda swapped to another dentist and her two back molars had to be extracted as they could not be saved. She told the Manchester Evening News ‘I’m really conscious of… when I laugh because it shows off the holes at the back of my mouth.’ She added that it was ‘horrible’ to think that this could have been avoided with an early diagnosis.

Dr Pridding commented that he was ‘pleased’ with the settlement and wished Matilda well with her future dental treatment, adding ‘I always strive to provide the best possible care for my patients.’


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