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Louise Thompson pokes fun at Charlotte Crosby for filler injections


The Geordie Shore bunch don’t have a great deal in common with their Made In Chelsea counterparts, and their differences have come to the forefront as the Geordie girls have upped their usage of cosmetic treatments to drastically alter their appearances.

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson might not have met MTV reality star Charlotte Crosby but that hasn’t stopped her passing judgement on the 26-year-olds recent cosmetic surgery, including a nose job and lip fillers. Louise commented in an interview with New! magazine that she was not a fan of the former Geordie Shore regular’s lip injections and even added that she found it ‘sad’ that Charlotte felt the need to get this kind of procedure done. Louise was not afraid to voice her opinion and said that she doesn’t think the repeated treatments are ‘a great image to portray to younger fans.’

Charlotte however did not seem too concerned about her fellow TV personality’s comments, saying ‘I’m not really bothered. People do things to alter the way they look every single day.’ She added that Louise puts make-up on her face to change the way she looks, asking ‘Is she not happy with the person she is?’



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